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Authorities: Pit bull chewed off baby's toes

Posted August 31, 2009

— Sheriff's deputies said they could charge a North Carolina couple with felony child abuse after a pit bull dog chewed the toes off a 4-month old baby's foot.

The Onslow County Sheriff's Office said Monday that the 12-week-old pit bull chewed off all the toes on the child's left foot while he was on a couch Sunday night.

Deputies say the child's mother, Robie Lynn Jenkins, and her boyfriend, Tremayne Spillman, were dog-sitting for a man arrested Saturday night for illegal possession of a gun.

Jenkins told police she was on medication and didn't hear the child crying during the night while she slept in the same room. She said she didn't discover the injury until she changed the child's diaper Monday morning.

Deputies said that hospital officials said the child may lose his foot.


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  • Adelinthe Sep 1, 2009

    "Sheriff's deputies said they could charge a North Carolina couple with felony child abuse after a pit bull dog chewed the toes off a 4-month old baby's foot."

    "Could" my eye - "SHOULD" should be the word in that sentence...the slug slept on medication while her child was being eaten.

    What if there had been a fire, for God's sakes?

    And I'm not blaming the dog. It was a puppy recently weaned and removed from its litter mates. It most likely saw the baby as a toy or litter mate because it was left within his range.

    All the children should be removed from this mother's care, until she's well off all medication.

    God bless.


  • passport423 Sep 1, 2009

    Headline should read "Pit bull PUPPY chewed off baby's toes". It makes a big difference to me (not to the baby, I'm sure!) to know that the dog was only 12 weeks old. Not an aggressive full-grown dog at all.

  • Professor Sep 1, 2009

    Good job WRAL for bring us good stories

  • FoxtrotUniformCharlieKiloakaCALM Sep 1, 2009

    Wow all these comments is exactly what WRAL is looking for and why they keep posting these stories that trigger such a huge response to the public. I like how they take content from GOLO comments and use them on their programs. Some news source, eh?

  • JS82084 Sep 1, 2009

    Are any of you reading this story? The dog CHEWED off the toes. CHEWED! Not mauled the child or ripped its arm off, but chewed this child's toes off. Do you know how long it would take for a dog to chew off a baby's toes? How in the world did this mother not hear a single cry from this baby while it's toes were being chewed off? This dog had the capability to kill this child, to bite it's foot off but instead only chewed off the toes. And it's an awful thing that happened, (I'm not taking away from that because had it been my child and I woke woken up by them screaming because my dog was chewing on its toes I'd be the first person to get rid of it) but how can you only blame the dog? NO DOG SHOULD BE LEFT ALONE WITH A CHILD!!! Any animal is unpredictable, any breed of dog is capable of doing this. I hope DSS takes the child from the parents, because neither one of them deserve the child.

  • Professor Sep 1, 2009

    Its all in how a person treats a dog regardless of breed. If you treat it mean and ugly then the dog will be just that. Treat it nice it will be. But remember its still an animal and one cannot predict what an animal will do.

  • Professor Sep 1, 2009

    Just like with chimps , why would you keep a pet that could kill you

    The late Michael Jackson had one for serveral years. :)

  • batcave Sep 1, 2009

    Other breeds are to fire kr ackers what pit bulls are to hangrenades. Pits latch on a don't let go. Most attacks on children are unprovoked. Having taken aniamal science I for a fact personality traits exist in the animal world or the genetics professors at n c state are flat wrong. Just like with chimps , why would you keep a pet that could kill you,how a Pit is raised is a moot point.

  • KAREBEAR Sep 1, 2009

    Just curious....How often do you hear about a Lab/German Sheppard/Boxer or ANY other kind of dog for that matter chewing of toes or KILLING PEOPLE?!?!
    Just do not understand people that choose Animals over helplee children.

  • ashewing Sep 1, 2009

    Why wasn't the baby in a crib and the dog in his kennell??