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UNC students, community groups to push for campus hate speech policy

Posted June 1, 2009

— Students and community groups are gathering to press for a campus hate speech policy after recent protests of two speakers at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

UNC students and various community groups will meet outside the courthouse in Chapel Hill on Monday to protest what they call the hate speech of the speakers and the student group that invited them.

Youth for Western Civilization invited  Tom Tancredo, former Colorado congressmen and Republican presidential candidate, and Virgil Goode, a former independent Virginia state representative, to speak on the campus in April.

The group opposes what it calls mass immigration and radical multiculturalism and asked the men to talk in opposition to in-state tuition for illegal immigrants.

Protesters disrupted Tancredo's speech by shouting profanities and unfurling banners as he tried to address an audience about his opposition to in-state tuition for illegal immigrants. Campus police eventually halted his speech and had to use pepper spray after demonstrators broke a window.

Students for a Democratic Society, which organized the protest, issued a statement blaming police for escalating the incident. UNC System President Erskine Bowles and UNC Chancellor Holden Thorp denounced the incident and called Tancredo to apologize.

The protest was smaller a week later for Goode's speech, "Hate Speech, Free Speech and the Multiculturalism." Police arrested six people on charges of disorderly conduct and removed them and took a noise-making device from the venue.

Protesters called Goode's message hate speech that should not be tolerated.


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  • FloydRTurbo Jun 1, 2009

    ..."The thought that the administration of a university would seriously consider this proposal scares me.".....


    Please remember that Bill Barber and his screaming radical mob already tried to intimidate UNC after the Free Expression Tunnel painting incident in November. The ad hoc committee that "studied that" concluded it was redundant to add new rules. Adequate policies are already in effect for truly criminal activities.

    That these loonies are screeching now does NOT mean that UNC Admins will knee-jerk to their screeching. Their right to screech is one thing ..... giving in to their screeching is a separate action altogether.

    Many UNC cynics thought UNC would grab their ankles for Barber's mob. UNC did not. Let this play out.

  • colliedave Jun 1, 2009

    The thought that the administration of a university would seriously consider this proposal scares me. Who then is to provide the litmus test? Isn't the purpose of a university to be about the free exchange of ideas?

  • superman Jun 1, 2009

    Who cares what he says-- you always have the option of leaving. His opinion is his opinion and not necessary reflects mine. So I dont care that he says or where he says it. The demonstation only added fire. The best way to keep something quiet is just to walk away. The speaker was in the news and his views were publicized even more by the demonstration. Just say nothing and walk away and everything ends.

  • vote4changeASAP Jun 1, 2009

    hate speech - any opionion that is opposite of the Far Left Ideology.

  • Tax Man Jun 1, 2009

    The hateful demonstrators need to be fully prosecuted. When someone is legitimately brought in to speak the University should not allow hecklers and haters to disrupt. The folks opposed to Tancredo could easily gotten their own speaker for another event to give their side. They are just greedy, spoiled brats who think "free speech" is one sided. The 1st Amendment requires that we allow ALL sides to view their opinions, not just the wacko left wing extremists like these.

  • showed up late Jun 1, 2009

    Soooooo, they protest free speech by breaking a window. Why don't they put on dresses and skip around the May Pole?

  • FloydRTurbo Jun 1, 2009

    It should also be noted that both Tancredo and Goode's "speeches" were in enclosed auditoriums where the only people hearing it were those attending for the expressed purpose of hearing it. Contrast that to "the Left's" common practice of disturbing the general public's peace by blasting their amplified messages to those NOT interested in hearing it.

  • Sir Freezy McQuackers Jun 1, 2009

    Was it hate speech? Yes. Should it be allowed? YES! That's the beauty of free speech, is you can say things that offend people! If someone says something you don't like, you can either ignore it or tell them why you think they're wrong. But don't try to stop them from saying it.

  • beachboater Jun 1, 2009

    Students for a Democratic Society -

    Isn't that a fitting description?

    Typical Chapel Hill.

  • DeathRow-IFeelYourPain-NOT Jun 1, 2009

    Creating Hate-Speech rules is basically dancing on dangerous ground. You should be allowed to say what you want. Nothing wrong with that. But when a crowd gets unruly, deal with it. The problem is not with what is being said. The problem is with immature people who never understood the saying, "Sticks and Stones..."