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N.C. population grew by 1.2 million since 2000

Posted May 14, 2009

— Census data released Thursday showed the Tar Heel state added 1.2 million new residents between 2000 and 2008 -- a 14.6 percent change. Whites make up about 74 percent of that population, although minority populations are on an upward trend in the state and the nation. In all, the state had an estimated 9.2 million residents in 2008.

The census defines a minority as someone who indicates that they were either Hispanic or a race other than white alone. The 2008 census estimates used local records of births and deaths, tax records of people moving within the U.S., and census statistics on immigrants. Since the government considers "Hispanic" an ethnicity, people of Hispanic descent can be of any race.

The nation's overall minority population grew 2.3 percent in 2008 to 104.6 million, or 34 percent of the total population.

Thirty-six states had lower Hispanic growth in 2008 compared with the year before. The declines were in places where the housing bubble burst, such as Nevada and Arizona, which lost construction jobs that tend to attract immigrants.

According to the latest data, the percentage growth of Hispanics slowed from 4.0 percent in 2001 to 3.2 percent last year.

Four states -- Hawaii, New Mexico, California and Texas -- were majority-minority in 2008. No other state had more than a 43 percent minority population.

Maine and Vermont had the highest percentage of white residents (95 percent each).

California had the largest Hispanic population of any state in July 2008. It also had the largest non-Hispanic white population.

New Mexico had the highest percentage of Hispanics at 45 percent. The District of Columbia had the highest percentage of blacks (56 percent), followed by Mississippi (38 percent).

New York had the largest black population of any state as of July 1, 2008.


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  • ladyblue May 15, 2009

    And I am suppose to believe the census... WHY? I am sure they did not count the million or so illegals in this census.........

  • fedupin benson May 15, 2009

    so, 79% increase in Hispanic population.. did we see a 79% increase in hispanic tax income? I doubt it. Me thinks I hear the camels' back creaking

  • True Blue in Wake County May 14, 2009

    It sure did...and the new neighbors were named: Rodriguez, Garcia, Fonseca, and Martinez.....

  • coolwill May 14, 2009

    call your legislator and make demands!!!!

  • hawkbruc May 14, 2009

    11 to 12 bill spent on welfare to ilegal aliens 2.2 billion spent on children of illegal aliens WIC food stamps free lunch 12 bill spent on primary and secondary ed for children here illegally I've got a bunch more.

    This is what the citizens of NC want because the citizens keep electing the same people over and over again . How much money spent on illegal aliens , how many children molested by illegal aliens , how many deaths by dui illegal aliens will it take before the people of NC actually use their brains instead of party lines , to elect representatives that will do the will of the citizens of NC ? It's your fault people of NC so don't complain .

  • Travised May 14, 2009

    Just watch out, ACORN is conducting the NeXT head count for the Census. See how many Mickey Mouse's we have all of a sudden living in this country.

  • Humungous May 14, 2009

    State infrastructure is missing out on the biggest cash cow potential since creation. Make it perfectly OK for illegals to work but tax them at 250% the normal rate on income and groceries, especially baby formula. Problem solved.

  • HanginTough May 14, 2009

    We have no one but ourselves to blame. We keep bending over and are afraid to speak the truth because it might hurt someones feelings. ILLEGALS need to go - NOW! How many of you see able bodied men walking around any town alll during the day with their pants around their ankles - they can't work or they WONT work? - If you get a handout from the government you dont get to vote - why would you vote someone into office thay might want you to get a JOB. You dont pay taxes (state and federal from your paycheck) you dont get to vote..we have got to take back our government - NOW!

  • Heel from Hell May 14, 2009

    Some relativity would be nice. Where does 14.6% ann growth rank among all states?

  • Professor May 14, 2009

    the illegals sucking this state dry.

    Stop giving them a place to live and job and they will leave. Give the job to the legal American.