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Troopers: Driver fell asleep before crashing into bridge

Posted April 22, 2009

— Investigators say it appears a truck driver fell asleep before his 18-wheeler slammed into a bridge on a North Carolina interstate highway, killing him.

The Highway Patrol identified the driver as Sidney Raydel Williams, 26, of Silver Star Drive in Raleigh. The wreck happened about 2:30 a.m. Tuesday on Interstate 40 in Sampson County.

Trooper D.M. Kidd said the truck was hauling produce when it hit a bridge support at the Suttontown Road exit. Kidd said there was no evidence that the truck's brakes were used as it drifted off the road at about 70 mph.

The interstate was closed for several hours while engineers inspected the bridge.


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  • jm22 Apr 23, 2009

    Shame on the people who are more concerned with the fact that he was driving 70 MPH, which is the speed limit for that area. Sidney was my friend and he is now gone. We do not know for a fact that he fell asleep, but have some tact for the family. He was 26 years old, trying to make an honest living and now his family has to deal with his death.

  • whatusay Apr 22, 2009

    haggis basher....truck drivers can only be on duty 70 hours in six days and no more than 10 hours of driving per day. At least that is what is was a few years ago. After they reach the 70 hours they have to take mandantory time off. They have log books that are routinely checked to make sure they get enough rest.

  • haggis basher Apr 22, 2009

    "Fast drivers irk me."
    70 is not "fast" on most Interstates. Its well within the roads and vehicles safe range......if you are awake.....

  • haggis basher Apr 22, 2009

    In the UK all trucks are fitted with a device called a tachometer which records when and how fast the truck is driven. Drivers are only allowed to drive a certain amount of hours in a day and can lose their license if they break the rules.
    Do they do something similar here?

  • pack-man Apr 22, 2009

    70mph is the posted speed limit along that section of I40. i've fallen asleep driving that road to be woken up by the rumble strips.

  • theroadislong Apr 22, 2009

    And WHY was he going 70mph....?

    Fast drivers irk me. Why are they going so fast? Because they're late? To get somewhere quicker? Because they think others are driving too slow? Is it worth your life?

  • cuteboyd Apr 22, 2009

    Such a tragic event. My prayers to the family.

  • DeathRow-IFeelYourPain-NOT Apr 22, 2009

    "Kidd said there was no evidence that the truck's brakes were used as it drifted off the road at about 70 mph."

    That had to be a horrific impact.

  • fatcat11 Apr 22, 2009

    I can see how it could happen...pretty lonely road at night,sometimes...

  • tootie Apr 22, 2009

    Just sad =-( Prayers out to the family