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Vice president to visit Faison this week

Posted March 30, 2009
Updated March 31, 2009

— Vice President Joe Biden will be in North Carolina this week to discuss how federal stimulus money will help rural Americans.

The White House released a statement Monday that said Biden and Department of Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack will "make a major announcement regarding rural housing funding" when they visit the state Wednesday.

They will travel first to Faison to visit the Goshen Medical Center, at 444 SW Center St.. The clinic will get money from the Recovery Act to fund its mission serving residents of Duplin, eastern Sampson and southern Wayne counties. Biden is scheduled to speak at the clinic at 11:45 a.m.

In the afternoon, the pair will visit the Pikeville Pleasant Grove Volunteer Fire Station, 105 SW Railroad St., where stimulus funds will be used to build a new facility. Biden’s remarks are scheduled to begin at 2 p.m.

Both events are open to the public.


WRAL will feature both of Biden's speeches LIVE on and WRAL2 (Ch. 5.2 and Time Warner Cable Ch. 256).


WRAL reporter Mike Charbonneau will Twitter from the vice presidential press pool.  Follow Mike.


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  • pbjbeach Mar 31, 2009

    In view of the facts that the auto exectuives were in washington d.c. with their hands held out looking for taxpayers dollars in order for them to be bailed out for a job that was poorly done but yet these executives still received huge compensation packages an that they have been mainly respoinsible for the facts that there was evidently mis mangament that ran rampant within their designate industry's were the initial reason behind their even being in need of taxpayer bailout to start with. i personnally would say that these executive should have been made to drive to washington, d.c. instead of being able to fly into washington,d.c in private coporate jets not when they were there looking for taxpayers money. that is what they get for getting use to a high flying life style while the average auto worker can't even afford to hardly pay the mortage an put food on the table an try an pay for expensve health care packages due the attempt of auto execs an compaines union busting tactic

  • nonemeant Mar 31, 2009

    Faison has a restaurant called "Southern Exposure" that I have heard a lot of good things about.

  • Quagmire Mar 31, 2009

    Remember how the auto executives were chastised for flying instead of driving!

    Last I heard auto execs do not rate secret service protection.

  • Lasata Mar 31, 2009

    that is so funny!! my grandma lives there. It's not much there I wonder if they will go eat lunch at the andys. I think that;s one of the few places to eat at.

  • ERRN Mar 31, 2009

    Oh Gee, lucky Faison.

  • HockeyRules Mar 31, 2009

    " Remember how the auto executives were chastised for flying instead of driving!'

    There is a slight difference in circumstances that I hope even you can recognize.

  • Eduardo1 Mar 31, 2009

    Hope they are not flying and using economy cars to get here. Are else use modern tech, like a tele conference. Remember how the auto executives were chastised for flying instead of driving!