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Perdue to pitch budget plan

Posted March 17, 2009

— After writing state budgets as a legislator, Gov. Bev Perdue now tries her hand at a spending proposal as North Carolina's chief executive.

Perdue was to release her budget plan Tuesday at 11:30 a.m. to the General Assembly as the state faces its worst economic conditions in a generation.

'Pain' predicted in governor's budget plan 'Pain' predicted in governor's budget plan

As more people cut back on spending, the state is seeing less tax revenue. Budget experts predict an estimated  $3.4 billion budget shortfall for the fiscal year beginning July 1. Federal stimulus funds are expected to fill $1.7 billion of that gap, but the rest will be made up with cuts to state services and new sources of revenue. Perdue is expected to ask for cuts of 10 to 15 percent from most state agencies.

“We must continue to move North Carolina forward even in these challenging times," Perdue said Thursday.

"It is unlike anything we have seen before," Senate Majority Leader Tony Rand, D-Cumberland, said. "It is truly significant pain."

The governor has said her budget would attempt to protect public education and create and retain jobs.

She said the state's share of federal stimulus money would help raise overall education spending by $350 million.

"In my budget, I will make targeted investments to create jobs and prepare North Carolina to be an economic leader as our nation recovers," she said.

"Helping small businesses compete more effectively, developing our work force and fostering innovation and entrepreneurship are all vital to a strong business climate.”

Last week, the governor outlined job-creation initiatives in her budget. She plans to ask for:

  • More than $17 million for community college and vocational education courses and programs focused on job training
  • $5 million to encourage the growth of North Carolina businesses that focus on using fuel and other natural resources more wisely and effectively
  • $3 million for expanding North Carolina’s defense and aerospace industry to create jobs
  • More than $47 million to maximize federal resources for water, sewer and other similar infrastructure projects;
  • $7 million to create a comprehensive economic development tool to drive regional job creation in small and medium-sized towns and cities
  • More than $1 million to invest in marketing the state as a business and tourism destination.

The Legislature will review the plan as it shapes a budget for the two years starting July 1.


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  • beachboater Mar 17, 2009

    I tell ya.........Bev has no concept of money.

  • ratherbnnc Mar 17, 2009

    I dont know why everyone is getting all riled up! She has no authority to enact a budget on her own anyway. She can only submit a proposal for her departments? All budgets have to be approved and voted on by the Legislature. What she wants doesnt necessarily mean what she will get!!

  • nufsaid Mar 17, 2009

    ""I didn't vote for her. Who did? They sure aren't talking if they did..."

    You are correct. What (who) you will mostly find on here are the moaners and groaners. "Oh woe is me!"

    Most of the drones that "voted for Bev" were just following instructions to vote Obama and then a straight Dem ticket. Many had no clue who they were voting for. I saw the signs just outside the polling places.

  • Unbroken Mar 17, 2009

    "I didn't vote for her. Who did? They sure aren't talking if they did..."

    You are correct. What (who) you will mostly find on here are the moaners and groaners. "Oh woe is me!"

  • computer trainer Mar 17, 2009

    I heard she wants to close 3 prisons. I say let them come and live with her in ONE of the Gov's mansions. Maybe the Western One, with the BEARS11

  • godshelper Mar 17, 2009

    She doesn't even need to think about cutting public safety and prisons and such. If she must cut state jobs, cut fish biologist, parks and water. Leave the essential jobs alone.

  • AX Mar 17, 2009

    to save $$$$ in the education sector: Cut back on ESL teacher positions, assistant superintendents,mentors, ect. Also why is it that the schools in Wake County have one person as the secretary and bookeeper where as in Durham schools there is a seperate bookeeper and secretary position. I think alot of positions need to be merged.

  • livinggood2 Mar 17, 2009

    You people help get her elected so don`t any of you Gripe.I knew her plan.

  • MrX-- Mar 17, 2009

    We are on the California road to Financial ruin. We can't put half the budget off limits for cuts. Even if education takes less of a hit than other areas, there should be some savings we can find if we set priorities.

    Do all schools need half their staff to be non-teaching? My child's elementary school has five janitors? When I was in that same school 30+ years ago there were two.

  • lizard Mar 17, 2009

    "Public education" is "the AIG" of government. Doesn't ever work. Scrap the system and start over with private enterprise furnishing the service. Parents will have the money to pay for it from the taxes they save. Monopolies don't work especially when the government is involved.