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Perdue's first law revamps state education system

Posted March 4, 2009

— Gov. Beverly Perdue signed her first bill into law Wednesday morning, restructuring the leadership of the state's public schools.

Perdue signed Senate Bill 198 in a ceremony in the Old House Chamber of the State Capitol.

The new law allows Cumberland County Schools Superintendent Bill Harrison to serve both as chairman of the State Board of Education and as chief executive of the Department of Public Instruction.

State lawmakers gave final approval to the bill Thursday. Previously, only one public school employee could serve on the board, but the change in the law will allow a second schools employee on the board.

"This new leadership structure will bring a clear line of accountability and efficiency for moving North Carolina’s public schools forward,” Perdue said in a statement. “Our schools can be the best in the nation, and I believe these changes will lead to students who become an innovative, well-educated, well-trained work force of tomorrow.”

An outside consultant criticized North Carolina's school system in a January report, saying the lack of clear-cut leadership thwarted efforts to improve education.

Harrison is expected to be sworn in as a board member and elected chairman Thursday.


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  • beachboater Mar 5, 2009

    “Our schools can be the best in the nation, and I believe these changes will lead to students who become an innovative, well-educated, well-trained work force of tomorrow.”

    You can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink. You can legislate the requirement for a "child" to go to school, but you cannot make him learn, or care to learn, or not disrupt the class and keep others from learning.

    I declare it looks like we are trying to end up as a dictatorship at both the federal and state level. jeez

    Hurry up 2010 and 2012 and pray that the voting public will think before they vote.

  • Conservative Mar 5, 2009

    "Well it seems she was elected in!! That is why straight ticket voting is a bad choice!!! You guys voted her in, deal with it. McCrory had a much better plan if people just would have listened instead of checking straight ticket."

    Fairplay - you and I can preach this till our throats become hoarse! Idiots will always be idiots. I don't mind the idiots getting what they deserve but you and I also have to suffer collateral damage!

  • showed up late Mar 5, 2009

    Sigh.... it's hard to post on this without beating the proverbial dead horse. Everybody please don't choose to check one box in the next election, use the gray matter you have and vote for SOMEBODY in every category.

  • Sidekick Mar 5, 2009

    First action. Take care of the fat cats in the 'education' system.

  • demo7691 Mar 5, 2009

    Way too many chiefs and not enough indians in state govt.

  • demo7691 Mar 5, 2009

    Why not if Purdue is going to have to lay off people and such why dont she reduce her pay for a year or 2 since she will be living off the state for 4. How much does she make when Im sure she has most everything paid for.

  • Bob3425 Mar 5, 2009

    All you that vote Democrat and for change, well it ARRIVED.

  • whatelseisnew Mar 4, 2009

    Does the new bill shut down the Public School System. If so, then I applaud her decision.

  • pbjbeach Mar 4, 2009


  • pbjbeach Mar 4, 2009

    The truth of the whole matter is that the governor an her crew don't want anyone in any position who is really trying to perform the actual duties of that position/ For the simple reason that by actual doing the job as it is suppose to be done that subjectgates the governors authouity an she doesn't want that to be happening . This why the governor has effectualy striped her of her real job an has constructively dismissed mrs atkinson as superintendent of public schools this what they do to employees in state government that tend to go against the prevailing winds in state government