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Perdue-backed DOT changes get unveiled

Posted March 4, 2009
Updated March 9, 2009

— The Department of Transportation says North Carolina's road-building decisions will be based on long-term goals, not on appeasing powerful political interests.

Transportation Secretary Gene Conti discussed a new plan Wednesday that the agency will use to choose road and other transit projects. Gov. Bev Perdue told Conti in January to come up with a plan that would take politics out of the process.

N.C. Transportation Secretary Gene Conti DOT

In the past, the Board of Transportation was responsible for approving road projects every month, but Perdue signed an executive order in January that delegates that authority to the transportation secretary.

Conti said Wednesday that board members will develop long-term policy and strategy and evaluate performance, including Conti's and the department’s.

The new process also focuses on five-, 10- and 20-year transportation plans and measurements to determine whether the department is meeting its goals.

Each plan will be published and reviewed on a periodic basis – every year, two years or five years, depending on the plan.

Conti said his goal is to change the public's perception of a corrupt board making backroom deals. Over the past eight years, three board members resigned amidst controversy.

"We're not interested in people who want to be on the board so they can get a project for their county or their region or anything else," the new secretary said.


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  • pbjbeach Mar 4, 2009

    If Bev is claiming that she is the decider in chief then i guess that she is like " w " was but even "w" wasnt the real decider in chief foor chenny was an she isnt either for the man from manteo is truly running this state

  • pbjbeach Mar 4, 2009

    I am sorry to say but the politic's will never be elimated for the road building an maintenance process due the fact that road building contractor contribute heavly to the politican when they are seeking elected office and they are the ones that are calling the shots not the ncdot. an conti does what he is told to do to accomandate the contractors by the governor an the other politicians throughout this state . so now a days instead of bid rigging you have poltican rigging thank you

  • are you kidding me Mar 4, 2009

    Governor Dumpling, if you don't mind, means to say is that we have a new sheriff in town, and we will use our people to decide! I get to decide! Jeez...spare me the details!

  • 37 Mar 4, 2009

    "Until the state gets rid of the district-funding-equality nonsense, it's still political based distribution and not need based."

    You can drive for a long, long distance in eastern NC on interstate-quality roads and not see another vehicle. They've had political power on the DOT board for years. And yet folks in eastern NC complain about tax equity while folks in Raleigh drive on clogged highways.

  • Road-wearier Mar 4, 2009

    Until the state gets rid of the district-funding-equality nonsense, it's still political based distribution and not need based. It will take the legislature to make that change and that's as likely a finding a snowball in a blast furnace...

  • Bendal1 Mar 4, 2009


    First, is your subdivision road a state route (SR)? NCDOT won't accept a road into the state system if it doesn't meet minimum standards. The street signs should say "SR xxxx" on them if it's a state route.

    Second, resurfacing is done on a schedule throughout the division, based on available money. You can contact this office to see where your road (if it's eligible) is on the list:

  • watch out here i come Mar 4, 2009

    Makes you wonder when each year the Road Fund is raided to balance the Budget and now want to Raid the Lottery Fund too. The State is made up of 100 Counties so each one is paying into the Fund. Hence that is why all Counties are eligible for Funding(not just the Big Cities).

  • methinkthis Mar 4, 2009

    Based on Perdue's performance to date I don't think she can distinguish whether politics has been removed or not.

  • ridgerunner Mar 4, 2009

    I beleive the coin flip may be better than the political payback system we have and will still have after Bev gets through shuffeling the players.

  • superman Mar 4, 2009

    The short road in our subdivision was paved about 35 years ago. It is full of potholes and asphalat unheavals. When you think our road might be scheduled to be repaved? They never had the money when they had the money! The supervisor came out and looked at it-- he said it needed to be repaved but so did hundreds of other streets and roads.