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Gay marriage opponents rally in Raleigh

Posted March 3, 2009

— Thousands of supporters of a ban on gay marriage in North Carolina lobbied the Legislature for the second time in a week.

Capitol Police estimated between 3,00 and 4,000 people were at a rally sponsored by Christian conservative group Return America in downtown Raleigh Tuesday. A similar outdoor event attracted thousands in 2007.

North Carolina law defines marriage as the union of one man and one woman. But social conservatives want specific language added to the state constitution, arguing that a voter-approved amendment banning gay marriage would push back court challenges.

Thirty states have such bans. Gay rights supporters argue the state shouldn't write discrimination into the constitution.

Religious leaders and lawmakers held a news conference last week promoting the amendment.


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  • braddyg Mar 4, 2009

    Oh, and to pull a page from your playbook, I dare you to tell me that male/female reproduction isn't a law of nature.

  • braddyg Mar 4, 2009

    Law of nature: intercourse between a male and female member of a species is required to produce offspring.

    That's not spin, or bigotry, or ignorance. It's a fact. No matter how much you scream and cry and whine, it's the truth. This is the basis of marriage. NOT the only purpose of marriage (because I know that'll be the first rebuttal), but the basis of the institution. Even those who say that marriage was only about property in whatever historical time they care to reference must acknowledge that the offspring were key to that model because they inherited the property when the parents died.

    And let's see if, in your infinite wisdom, you can craft a response that does NOT include the words "bigot", "ignorant", or "hate". I'd bet you can't.

  • nxtlvl4me Mar 4, 2009

    In that homosexuality is NOT a choice, it is as much a part of the “laws of nature” as anything else. But keep spinning the truth to fit your bigoted agenda.

  • braddyg Mar 4, 2009

    Problem with that argument, haggis, is that all of those laws were specifically created with hatred and bigotry in mind - attempts to keep the black/female portions of the population from education, power, and status. Traditional marriage laws were not created based on similar principles and biases, but instead on the natural order of life on Earth. While society and what is deemed "acceptable" may change, the laws of nature do not.

  • haggis basher Mar 4, 2009

    "nxtlv, are you scared to let the people vote. That is what America is all about!"
    Its also why we have a Supreme Court and amendments to the US Constitution. Who wants to be on the wrong side of the Slavery, Sufferage, Jim Crow issue of our time? Our Politicians know that sooner or later laws against Gay marriage will be ruled unconstitional and don't want to see their obits dominated by issues like this......

  • haggis basher Mar 4, 2009

    "the fact remains that marriage (the docking of the male sexual organs and the female sexual organs) is for reproduction."
    If thats the reason you got married then I pity you.......

  • nxtlvl4me Mar 4, 2009

    Humdinger – to suggest that the lesbians you know might have not “turned out to be Lesbians” if they had better husbands is officially one of the dumbest thing I have ever heard! When are you and other similar idiots going to get it through your head that homosexuality, like heterosexuality, is not a choice! Having homosexual or heterosexual sex is a choice but NOT someone’s orientation!!! Stop spreading lies!!!

  • krazibabi420 Mar 4, 2009

    So i read comments on people arguing, "Gay is a choice" Well your wrong. I am not happy with a man, and i am a woman. Im so sorry that your so against it. Fake Christians are what people are. Being homosexual is NOT a choice. Parents are IGNORENT for TRYING to change their childrens minds, sending them to therapy, you parents better realize that depresses them and thats why most kids kill there selves. Think about it before you destroy their lives becouse of your judgment on ignorance.

  • krazibabi420 Mar 4, 2009

    I am a homosexual and i belive i should have the rights to marry just as a heterosexual. Its just not fair, if you phoneys are REALLY, Christians then why judge me, or my people. People are so in-considerate. There are so much more to deal with in this world, than to ban Gay marriage. Its wrong and discrimanite. Your happy straight right? So am i, gay! Thank you.

  • nxtlvl4me Mar 4, 2009

    Heterosexuals have a choice to marry or not to marry and therefore accept the laminations of that decision. As a homosexual, we are not allowed that choice and any potential governmentally defined rights or the retention of existing rights like my partner being able to take advantage of the partner benefits offered by my company will be threatened by this amendment. Spin your religious based hate and bigotry anyway you want it is still wrong and it is hypocritical! Again, I dare you to say that denying someone access to health benefits is Christian!