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Pentagon: 82nd Airborne HQ to Afghanistan

Posted March 2, 2009

Troops generic / 82nd Airborne

— The Pentagon says the headquarters of the 82nd Airborne Division will be sent to Afghanistan to lead military efforts as part of a normal troop rotation.

The unit includes the top commanders of the Fort Bragg-based paratroop division. More than 800 soldiers in the headquarters unit will begin their one-year deployment this spring.

The Pentagon also said Monday that the deployment of 4,700 soldiers will include the 4th Brigade Combat Team from the 4th Infantry Division at Fort Carson, Colo.

The 82nd's headquarters, including the commanding general, returned last April from a 15-month deployment to Afghanistan.

The 82nd Combat Aviation Brigade also will deploy to Afghanistan in spring, officials said.


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  • Quagmire Mar 3, 2009

    Nice spin but Iraq was about WMD's. Remember that?

    Read some Ron Paul and educate yourself on why real conservatives oppose the Iraq war.

  • Ripcord Mar 2, 2009

    Quagmire said: "So in your brain stopping genocide is not a good reason?"

    And stopping genocide was NOT a good enough reason for going into Iraq, right Quagmire?

  • Ripcord Mar 2, 2009

    Quagmire said: "But now the whiny antiwar protesters are ex Bush supporters."

    Really? Tell me, which war, Iraq or Afghanistan, are conservatives against now that Bush is gone?

  • Quagmire Mar 2, 2009

    We can win. If we don't there is no one to blame but a weak willed political class and whiny anti-war protestors.

    But now the whiny antiwar protesters are ex Bush supporters.

  • Ripcord Mar 2, 2009

    "Obama now has his folly taking from one war which is closer to win, then this war, that has no chance to win."

    The Taliban number, by the latest estimates, about 15,000 fighters. We have about twice that number of men there now with more on the way. The Taliban live in mud houses and caves. We have technology literally 500 years ahead of them. We can win. If we don't there is no one to blame but a weak willed political class and whiny anti-war protestors.

  • Quagmire Mar 2, 2009

    This will be my son's fourth deployment. I'm very proud of him sticking to his commitment to a military life.

    Ginger I wish your son well. Afghanistan is a righteous war and should have been attended to earlier.

  • Quagmire Mar 2, 2009

    hen this war, that has no chance to win. This Country has not known piece as far back as at least the 1700, with Mongol invaders. Barack, this is your Viet Nam. Our youths will again come him with honor, many in body bags again

    What a defeatist attitude, I guess it's OK to give Bin laden a free pass now.

  • Unbroken Mar 2, 2009

    "Iraq was the right war... just HW Bush and Clinton did not have the will to fight it. I guess y'all forget Iraq was in violation of dozens of UN resolutions, had kicked UN weapons inspectors out, was shooting at our aircraft every day, tried to assassinate HW Bush, was training terrorists in dozens of camps across Iraq and was paying $10K to the family of every suicide bomber in Gaza... not to mention killing 30,000 kurds with chemical weapons while Clinton did not nothing in response."

    What about Iran then? North Korea? Sudan? Heck, you can even justify invading Russia. Why don't we then?

  • Quagmire Mar 2, 2009

    absolutely no good reason.

    So in your brain stopping genocide is not a good reason?

  • Unbroken Mar 2, 2009

    "Our troops suffer while politicians build monuments to themselves and throw lavish parties in the White House...."

    Oh yeah, right. Are you referring to the horrible state of care that our soldiers receive after returning from their tours? Perhaps the inferior equipment such as body armor that was so widely publicized early in the Iraq war? Hmmmm... maybe the increased length and frequency of tours over the last several years?

    Before wrapping yourself in the flag and pointing a finger at others, best get all of your facts straight.