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Fifty dogs removed from from Lenoir County facility

Posted February 26, 2009

— Rescuers have removed 50 dogs from a Lenoir County breeding facility after the owner was convinced that he had to shut it down.

A statement from The Humane Society of the United States said the dogs were living in substandard conditions in outdoor pens throughout the property.

Local officials inspected the property after receiving an anonymous complaint and found no evidence of intentional abuse, but the unidentified property owner voluntarily surrendered the animals.

The statement said the property owner signed a contract with local officials barring him from breeding any dogs in the future.

According to the society, the dogs were to be taken to shelters in Richmond, Va., and Washington, D.C., where they will be evaluated and placed for adoption.

Three weeks ago, the Humane Society and Wayne County authorities removed more than 280 dogs from a breeding operation near Mount Olive.


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  • RottwylrNC Feb 27, 2009

    I find it very sad that this is considered a GOOD thing. This person did NOTHING wrong, they broke NO laws and yet they were strong armed into giving up their property (animals). How can anyone think this is a GOOD thing? Does no one think their rights are wiorth fighting for any more?

    And how can we be willing to accept a public agency (Animals Control) giving up their responsibilities to a private organization (HSUS)? It is the AC's responsibility to take care of and handle placements of government seaized property BUT everyone thinks that giving that job to HSUS is OK??

    Slowly we will lose every right that we have lost millions of citizens to secure, all with the blessings of the people - VERY SAD!

  • MsDemeanor Feb 26, 2009

    I prefer my pets of known background and temperment...that is my right to choose, as is yours. And when they outlaw breeders there will be NO more pets...except from those nice sterile USDA government controlled USDA kennels...if one can afford one and the gene pools are not wiped out by then.

  • gratefultoGOD Feb 26, 2009

    i wish they would outlaw breeders... their are enough unwated pets in the world..I get my pets at teh pound... can you too???

  • MsDemeanor Feb 26, 2009

    But we don't need H$U$ and their propaganda and agenda behind every one of them either. Our local shelters and rescues would have handled this just fine without them. Just another 'photo op' for them to solicit funds (which does nothing for our own rescues/shelters within the state) and push their legislative agenda (pet limits, mandatory spay/neuter, licensing, etc.) which will only end up hurting ALL breeders and pet owners. This is just proof that our existing laws DO work when enforced and used.

  • St Ives Feb 26, 2009

    Keep it up!Animals can not speak for themselves. Hope we can close every one of these places down