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Raleigh editor to be N.C. DOT communications leader

Posted February 17, 2009

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— An editor with the News & Observer of Raleigh will become a deputy secretary at the North Carolina Transportation Department to lead communications efforts.

Transportation Secretary Gene Conti on Monday announced the appointment of Ted Vaden as deputy secretary for communications.

Conti said he obtained permission from Gov. Beverly Perdue to create the position, despite a hiring freeze imposed last fall. The new position was recommended by a consultant to help make the agency more efficient and accountable to the public.

Vaden will supervise a staff of about 20 employees and will earn $117,403 in the new post.

Vaden has been the public editor for the newspaper since 2004. Before that, he was editor of the N&O's Chapel Hill News for 11 years. He joined the N&O in 1977.


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  • Womble_Fred Feb 17, 2009

    Vaden lost my respect when he refused to address several N&O readers' inquiries as to one Linda Williams, a hate-filled senior editior at the N&O whose gross unprofessoinalism and vitriol was revealed by former N&O columnist G.D. (Dan) Gearino.

    I dropped my subscription as a result and am not looking back. Vaden was nothing more than a puppet at the N&O, now they actually put him in charge of people? Oh boy.

  • tgcmisc Feb 17, 2009

    I see that Gov Bev has learned well from Slick Mikey....create an illusion of improvement....not an actual improvement.

    NOW, the reporters will NOT have to wade through the tedious facts of actually getting the FACTS...An Engineer in Goldsboro told her bosses that the amount of Asphalt they intended to put on their UN-NEEDED road was inadequate...

    Now the DOT can give them a copy ready press release...probably they can file it and we, the public, will be Fatter, Dumber and Happier....UNTIL we have a blow out and ruin a tire on a pothole..

    Progress marches BACKWARD!!!!

  • WHEEL Feb 17, 2009

    In reading his articles I could never quite make out what he was doing except calling his liberal buddies over in Chapel Hill so they could tell him what to write. He certainly never got the N&O to change anything on the rare occasion he did have an idea. N&O's gain, NCDOT's loss.

  • just my2cents Feb 17, 2009

    And let's not forget the 1000+ temporary employees the DOT laid off because they could not afford to keep them in the budget.
    NICE.......most of those temps would not make $117k in 5.5 years, and actually bust their rears in the blazing heat and freezing cold.

  • etshoney Feb 17, 2009

    Hey everybody, back off! Bev was just TIRED and needed a vacation. Im sure now that she is rested and coherent she will revoke the position.......NOT!

  • PaulRevere Feb 17, 2009

    More hope and change from democrats!

  • spentrounds-full auto Feb 17, 2009

    What a joke and ripoff! A DEPUTY SECRETARY for public affairs to oversee 20 people? I'm sure there are a few managers or a director already overseeing this. I said earlier when Contin was appointed that the good ole boy network was still up and running under Perdue. And had to break the hiring freeze to hire him also. He needs to start his job by spinning his hire as vital and necessary.

  • Duke1977 Feb 17, 2009

    The "Public Editor" position at the N&O has always seemed to me to be the equivalent of the "Complaints" section of a store in any comic strip or the "Customer No Service" as Clark Howard calls it. You write or call with a question and he restates what happened and sometimes states that he agrees with your complaint but no changes are ever made. It is obvious that he had no authority to do anything.

  • FloydRTurbo Feb 17, 2009

    Ted's REAL title with The N&O was "Alibis & Excuses Editor". His most "famous" quote was "I worked with Rob Christensen for over 20 years and never knew his politics". That is the equivalent of saying "I never knew Barry Saunders was AfrAmerican.

    Ted had been furloughed from The N&O for the past six months.

  • sweetsea Feb 17, 2009

    A nice reward for a job well done in supporting the left via PC media and millions of inches of favorable print for their politicians and causes. He has been a loyal liberal in the PC media and now will share his talents on the taxpayer's nickel. Otherwise he seems a kind and gentle fellow.