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Beatty tapped for state Utilities Commission

Posted December 30, 2008

— Bryan Beatty, secretary of the North Carolina Department of Crime Control and Public Safety, has been nominated to the state Utilities Commission, the governor's office said Tuesday.

"Bryan Beatty's dedication and integrity is unmatched in government," Gov. Mike Easley said in a news release. “No matter what job he has held, he has always put the best interests of the state of North Carolina and her people first."

State law requires the General Assembly to confirm the appointment to the commission, which regulates the rates and services of all public utilities in the state.

Earlier this month, Beatty said he was leaving his current post, which he has held since January 2001, where he oversees the state Highway Patrol, Division of Alcohol and Law Enforcement, the Emergency Management Division and the National Guard.

Beatty said he was proud of his service to the state and was looking forward to serving in his new position.

Easley has also nominated Holly Springs attorney Susan Rabon, who currently serves as a senior assistant for administration in the governor's office, to the commission.

“Her integrity and knowledge of state government are unmatched," Easley said. "Her first priority has always been the needs and concerns of the people of North Carolina, and I know she will take that same approach as a member of this commission.”

Rabon has served as a corporate attorney and chief of staff for the Department of Justice.


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  • demo7691 Dec 31, 2008

    Oh yeah right another Easley appointment before he leaves office. If he was so great at his current job Purdue should keep him. On top of that what are the qualifications for Industrial Commisioner? Who ever he appoints to it. It probably needs to be a elected office along with other cabinet seats in the future like insurance commish.

  • SaveEnergyMan Dec 31, 2008

    Why is it that politicians think that lawyers are experts in everything? Wait, politicians are lawyers too. I would think that the most important criteria for this important job would be a knowledge of energy, its use, its generation, and issues of supply. That makes lawyers some of the LEAST qualified.

  • littlegramma Dec 30, 2008

    Easley wouldn't know integrity if it bit him in the rear! And, sorry, but I wouldn't trust anyone he picks for dog catcher, let alone any important position, and that goes for Perdue's choices as well!

  • Right_Is_Right Dec 30, 2008

    Good point wcnc -- how can Beatty and Rabon both have "unmatched" integrity. Shows how much thought went into these picks, I think.

  • whatelseisnew Dec 30, 2008

    Since he is claiming that he is serving, I assume that means this is a volunteer unpaid position.

  • wcnc Dec 30, 2008

    You'd think the least Easley could do is think of a different way to describe the two.....His quotes are almost carbon copies....

  • ratherbnnc Dec 30, 2008

    Oh! and look how they look after their buddys when its over!!