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Man charged in slayings of Virginia sisters

Posted November 20, 2008
Updated November 21, 2008

— A Virginia man has been arrested in the deaths of two elderly sisters whose bodies were found along a rural North Carolina road more than two years ago, authorities said Thursday.

William Curtis Futrell, 34, faces two counts of first-degree murder, and Hertford County Sheriff Juan E. Vaughan Sr. said additional charges are pending.

The bodies of Dorothy R. Hobbs, 73, and Nellie R. Bradley, 71, were found in August 2006 along a dirt road just north of Murfreesboro and about 40 miles from their Virginia home. The sisters from Emporia, Va., had been stabbed multiple times. The two women were last seen alive as they dropped off a charitable contribution in Boykins, Va.

Vaughan said Futrell had not been a suspect until evidence tested in the last few days led investigators to him. He declined to discuss the details of the evidence or a possible motive.

"I'm relieved," Vaughan said. "It's a blessing that we got him. We worked hard on it, and we never gave up."

Futrell was arrested in Franklin, Va., and extradited to Hertford County on Thursday. He will be arraigned Friday morning. Hertford County authorities did not know if Futrell had an attorney.


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  • luvdolphin2 Nov 21, 2008

    sanacito that definitely was a silly question. NAACP stands for The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People and its a civil rights organization for ethnic minorities in the united States.

    Now for the true subject at hand. I pray that the families of these two women will find some since of comfort in knowing that this the killer has been caught. This is truly another senseless act of crime.

  • haggis basher Nov 21, 2008

    "So here's a silly question. Where is the NAACP when this type of crime occurs?"
    Your right, it was a silly question. It would really silly to link the two together.

  • sanacito Nov 21, 2008

    So here's a silly question. Where is the NAACP when this type of crime occurs? Some foolish kids with spray paint cans brings out the NAACP and the media ate it up for days. They were even calling for the expulsion of the knuckleheads who admitted to what they did.
    However, it seems as black on white crime or black on black crime is ignored by the NAACP. I don't know, something here just doesn't seem quite right. Do they pick and choose what to protest for maximum media exposure?

  • dohicky Nov 21, 2008

    Downright mean people in this world. No one's life is of any value but their own. If found guilty he should be put to death but that will not happen. He will live in prison the rest of his life (maybe) and live better than some of our military people

  • wdkanesfan Nov 20, 2008

    Lets hope they have finally solved this case. The Sheriff of Hertford County had said he would not rest until the killer was brought to justice. Sheriff Vaughan, I hope you find some rest tonight. You and your Department deserve that for solving this case. Hertford County is blessed to have a Sheriff who puts his heart into his job and his citizens. May the families of these two also have some peace tonight knowing that this senseless act will not go unpunished.

  • kbo0801 Nov 20, 2008

    I know their families are greatful that they have found a suspect. This is a good thing.