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Former Gov. Hunt honored for education efforts

Posted November 19, 2008
Updated November 20, 2008

— Former Gov. Jim Hunt was honored for driving school reform in North Carolina, and he plans to talk about what President-elect Barack Obama should do for education.

North Carolina State University honored the four-term governor on Wednesday with an award from an education innovation institute.

Hunt said last week he's not interested in becoming Obama's education secretary but wants to keep advising the new administration on education issues. Hunt had been on several lists of potential Cabinet members.

The 71-year-old Hunt was key to creating the Smart Start early childhood initiative in the 1990s. He also supported linking student test scores to teacher bonuses.

He now works for a Raleigh law firm and leads think tanks on public schools and higher education, including the James B. Hunt Institute for Educational Leadership and Policy, part of the UNC system and based in Chapel Hill.


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  • GALNC Nov 19, 2008

    I object to the EOG tests since the teachers are then pushed by Principals to practice test taking of EOG's versus teaching the classes. Many schools such has Davis Drive rank the teachers on their test scores unfairly and push the teachers to teach the test and how to take it successfully.

    I don't see that Jim Hunt did anything for education, but figure this should land him a big job similar to Easley's wife. Do nothing and prosper is the name of the game in NC...Easley, Hunt, Edwards...just to name a few.

  • ifcdirector Nov 19, 2008

    Hunt did nothing for this state other than waste money and install even more socialism and leviathan state government regulation and red tape but then again that's what his party does and they award each other for creating jobs that come from that beauracracy.

  • Brindy Nov 19, 2008

    dogman 1973-if you actually did some research, you would see that in the past few years, NC has been ranked in the lower to mid 20's in education, not 49th. We definately are not one of the worst school systems in this country so pull your head out of your behind and shut it until you have some actual facts. You're probably one of those WAKE Cares parents who complain about everything. Kids are getting a great education here. Don't like it?? MOVE your sorry behind outta here or better yet, HOME SCHOOL your kids!

    I don't really care about Hunt, but get your facts straight about NC Schools:

  • dogman1973 Nov 19, 2008

    Let's see, instead of NC being 50th in the nation, we are 49th! What an accomplishment!!!!

  • veyor Nov 19, 2008

    I would put Jim Hunt as being the one person most responsible for the pathetic public school situation that is the nightmare we have today. Ridiculous testing, testing, testing and just as ridiculous teacher bonuses matching the results of the tests. He not only tainted North Carolina with this virus, but helped spread it all over the country.

  • demo7691 Nov 19, 2008

    He needs to retire and remember that some of us actually remember he left the state in a financial mess that Easley turned into junk. If Obama want to learn how to waste money then listen to this man.

  • Fun Nov 19, 2008

    Back in the day, Hunt wrote a paperback book he gave away to all the teacher. In it he defined "Smart Start" as a preschool healthcare program so every child would be healthy and be able to learn. "Smart Start" is not about education, its government healthcare

  • JaredsMom Nov 19, 2008

    Gov. Hunt did NOTHING for this great State of ours but TAX TAX TAX us to death.

  • streetfightinman Nov 19, 2008

    Gov hunt and, easley did do something free daycare for those
    who don't work, more for four, none for some,the people honoring him need to have there head examined what a joke,
    more bad crooked politics coming, enter Bev Perdue. certainly
    did'nt do anything good for education.

  • Fun Nov 19, 2008

    "Smart Start" isn't that a cereal? Now theres something for the NC Attorney General to go after instead of a state bailout plan for Wachovia! Stealing trademarks!