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Billy Graham turns 90, celebrates with family

Posted November 7, 2008

Evangelist Billy Graham

— Aging evangelist Billy Graham is 90 years old, and he planned to celebrate his birthday Friday with a private party among family members with some North Carolina barbecue.

The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association has gathered messages, greetings and stories from supporters to present to Graham as he celebrates.

Graham's health has declined in recent years, and he spends much of his time secluded at his mountainside home in Montreat.

The globe-trotting evangelist and past adviser to several presidents was hospitalized last month after tripping over his dog, and at other times has been treated for fluid on the brain, prostate cancer and macular degeneration.

Graham's wife, Ruth, died last year.

Franklin Graham said Friday that his father is praying for President-elect Obama.

The two had tried to meet in the midst of the White House campaign but were unable to connect because of Billy Graham's fragile health.

Billy Graham has provided advice to every president since Eisenhower.

He hopes to meet someday with Obama, but Franklin Graham said his father feels that his time as an active counselor to the nation's leader is over.

Billy Graham is a registered Democrat, but has never been overtly partisan in his preaching.


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  • haggis basher Nov 7, 2008

    "business moguls and what have they done to make the world a better place."
    I think the Gates Foundation and Warren Buffet will make more real difference than boxes of candy and evangelical tracts ever will. Those Business moguls have put up almost $40 Billion with a B and don't give a whit what a Childs nominal religion is or isn't. Their work on Polio will save millions from Death or disablement. Do you know the one thing that is stopping the complete irradication of Polio? Its religion. Millions die from aids and we can't supply the one thing that reliabley prevents it, condoms, because of your "book" of fairy tales. The last thing the world needs is someone going around adding one more religious myth on top of the ones already burdening the poor of the world. Especially if that someone gets rich doing it!

  • celong Nov 7, 2008

    Graceland?? get real. Have you seen the homes of sports, rap and business moguls and what have they done to make the world a better place. I thank God he sent a Billy Graham to the world. It's hard to be believe in his early crusades in Los Angeles and again in London, what was supposed to be a month crusade turned into multiple months of sharing the gospel for people hungry for hope in this cruel world.

  • haggis basher Nov 7, 2008

    And on Operation Christmas Child, read on.......
    Its just advertising with food as the bait.

  • haggis basher Nov 7, 2008

    "Samaritan's Purse"
    For which his son is paid $380,000 a year (2006) for what at best is part time work. Its obscene at best and should be, and perhaps is, criminal.

  • Skywatch_NC Nov 7, 2008

    A great deal of charitable work has been done through their Samaritan's Purse. Also, Operation Christmas Child.

  • haggis basher Nov 7, 2008

    "Everyone should be so obiedent as Rev. Graham has been, we all should try it!!"
    He took money from the poor and gullible, lived well on it and his Children are carrying on the business. They have built a "Graceland" in the NC Mountains which will provide a revenue stream for years to come. Little of the money has ever been spent on real charitable work (helping the living now, not in the hereafter). If we all did as he has we would all be naked in starving as no-one would be left to do the real work of the world.

  • Retired nurse Nov 7, 2008

    To those talking about Rev. Graham's salary:
    He did what God wants all his children to do, he spread the word about Jesus Christ and his love for his children and salvation and how you can be assured a place in Heaven! And God has Blessed him very well for following his calling to him. Everyone should be so obiedent as Rev. Graham has been, we all should try it!!

  • Retired nurse Nov 7, 2008

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY to GOD'S servant who has been an inspiration for a lot of people! May you have a Blessed birthday with your family.
    GOD BLESS YOU Rev.Graham!!

  • Stormy13 Nov 7, 2008

    haggis basher: People who live in glass houses should not throw stones! Have you done even a fourth of what Rev. Graham has done for this world? I think not! He lives a modest lifestyle compared to others with far more "riches" than he. Please find another "soap box" to stand on.

  • f6rider Nov 7, 2008

    justjean, if your Grandmother has done the sort of works on the scale that Billy Graham has then they probably will.