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State: Provisional ballots may expand Obama's lead in N.C.

Posted November 5, 2008

— North Carolina's election chief says he wouldn't be surprised to see Barack Obama's slim lead in the state increase as counties count thousands of provisional ballots.

State Board of Elections director Gary Bartlett estimated Wednesday there are about 40,000 provisional ballots, cast by voters whose eligibility to vote must be confirmed.

He said history suggests that about 65 percent of those ballots will be eligible and that they are likely to break toward the winner in numbers similar to conventional ballots counted on Election Day.

Unofficial election results show Obama with 12,106 votes more than Republican rival John McCain. Obama has already won the race to the White House, even without North Carolina's final results.

Statewide officials said voter turnout was estimated at 69 percent or about 4.3 million people. Analysts said the state had one of the largest increases in voter turnout in the entire country.

Nationally voter turnout hit 63 percent or about 133 million people.


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  • Sir Freezy McQuackers Nov 5, 2008

    @scubagirl: Provisional ballots are cast when a voter's eligibility is uncertain. If, after checking, the voter is deemed eligible, then the ballot is counted.

  • Scubagirl Nov 5, 2008

    will they really make a difference?
    If these ballots are from voters not eligible to vote-how did they get to and what will be done?

  • chargernut69 Nov 5, 2008

    sorry, but McCain is too old and out of touch with 21st century America...

  • WRALblows Nov 5, 2008

    "McCain could have won it if he had some sort of ground game."

    What would that have consisted of? Disgruntled people throwing dirt and calling names like angry drunks in a neighborhood? McCain lost this on his own. I had someone tell me today they think McCain may have stood a better chance if his personal demeanor throughout the campaign was more like it was during his concession speech.

  • Quagmire Nov 5, 2008

    Nc should be called for Obama momentarily.

  • chargernut69 Nov 5, 2008

    So why is this taking so long?...

  • 007KnightRider Nov 5, 2008

    london12 - "Final ballots may expand Obama's lead in N.C. says the headline. So what? It's over, he's won, end of story!"

    Thank you!

  • cartman Nov 5, 2008

    NC goes blue!!!! Wohoo!! We're finally heading in the right direction.

  • west3205 Nov 5, 2008

    Well atleast I know my county voted for the right one!!!!!! Wayne !!!!!!

  • blastamasta Nov 5, 2008


    If you miss the 25 day registration deadline you will not be allowed to vote on Election Day. However, you are still allowed to register and vote during the One-Stop voting period pursuant to G.S. 163-82.6A.

    Please review the statute below to better understand the in-person voter registration process:

    § 163-82.6A. In-person registration and voting at one-stop sites.
    (a) Who May Register in Person. – In accordance with the
    provisions in this section, an individual who is qualified to
    register to vote may register in person and then vote at a
    one-stop voting site in the person's county of residence during
    the period for one-stop voting provided under G.S. 163-227.2. For
    purposes of this section, a one-stop voting site includes the county board of elections office, if that office is used for one-stop voting.