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McCrory, Perdue battle for final undecided votes

Posted November 3, 2008

— Fighting for votes on the final days before the gubernatorial election, Republican Charlotte Mayor Pat McCrory said Monday that Dorothea Dix Hospital should remain open until problems in the state mental health system can be resolved.

Meanwhile, Democratic Lt. Gov. Beverly Perdue promised to open a second Governor's Office in Charlotte and work in the Queen City three to four days each month to ensure the needs of the state's largest city were addressed.

Both candidates criss-crossed the state to shore up their support before voters head to the polls Tuesday. Perdue began the day in Asheville and also made stops in Winston-Salem, McCrory's home turf in Charlotte and her home town of New Bern before ending the day with a rally in Raleigh. McCrory started in Raleigh and made stops in Greenville, Lexington and Asheville before heading home to Charlotte.

A WRAL News poll released last week showed Perdue holding onto a 46 to 44 percent lead, smaller than the margin of error, with 9 percent of voters still undecided.

During a Monday morning rally outside the State Capitol, McCrory said he would keep Dorothea Dix Hospital in Raleigh open. The move would be indicative of his plans to shake up state government, he said.

"It's the passion for new leadership that is desperately needed in North Carolina," he said.

Campaign consultant Jack Hawke said McCrory, upon taking office, would establish a crisis management team to assess the state's mental health system. Given the problems mental hospitals have encountered in recent months, Hawke said, McCrory would keep Dorothea Dix open to ensure the state has enough beds for mental patients.

Campaigning in Charlotte, Perdue said she was counting on winning over independent voters in the city to boost her statewide effort to become North Carolina's first female chief executive.

"I think the undecideds, the Democrats and the Republicans all want a candidate for governor and for president who will build on the future," said Perdue, who has never lost an election.

Political analysts have said a historic turnout of African-American voters and excitement for Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama could turn the election in Perdue's favor.

Democratic volunteer Queen Whaley said Democrats are more likely to vote a straight-party ticket in state races, which would drain a lot of support McCrory received from Democrats in his seven elections as mayor.

"When you get to this level, Democrats are going with Bev Perdue," Whaley said.

Charlotte City Councilman James Mitchell said Perdue's campaign stop and her pledge to open an office in the city are important messages for voters.

"I think this sends a message that Charlotte is still a priority for her," Mitchell said.

McCrory and his backers rejected the notion that the state's record pace of early voters have given Perdue and other Democrats an advantage.

"I don't think we know what the impact is of early voting until we know who votes on Tuesday," he said. "I think I've created a wave of support in North Carolina in which the power elite are very, very nervous."

"They want people to think that the Republicans have no hope, that all of the cards are stacked against us. But I truly don't believe that," said Stephanie House, a McCrory supporter.

"This is a difficult year for a Republican, and the fact that we're even close in this election says a lot about the quality of the candidate," said Robert Attaway, a McCrory supporter.

Perdue also fended off criticism of a recent string of ads she had run claiming McCrory would turn the state into a dumping ground for out-of-state trash and would shift highway funding away from rural areas. McCrory's campaign and outside observers have said the ads are inaccurate, but Perdue said she stood by the claims.

Libertarian candidate Mike Munger was working at Duke University on election eve, having completed a three-day campaign trip from Murphy in the west to Manteo in the east.


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  • news4u Nov 4, 2008

    I will support whoever is elected 100%.

    One Nation

    Under God


    With Liberty

    and Justice For ALL

  • DontLikeTheSocialistObama Nov 4, 2008

    "Status Quo" Bev is going down.

  • Slunktastic Nov 4, 2008

    I just cannot believe anyone is even considering voting for Perdue.

  • MSN93 Nov 4, 2008

    Vote McCrory! Perdue's dirty tactics the last couple of days have been appalling. And she has NO intention of doing anything about the immigration problem in this state.

  • gow1986 Nov 4, 2008

    According to the media elite, it's a democratic year. I think in NC we will do just the opposite. I do feel McCain will win the state. I'm also holding out hope for a big upset in my district, D-4, that been held by representative David Price. His opponent is a very bright younger man - BJ Lawson, it's time for Price to go. But on the state level the dem's have had complete control for too long and just look at all the corruption that has took place. From Speaker Jim Black to the corruption with Gov. Easley and his wife. Perdue is no doubt up to her nose with corruption as well. I proudly voted for our next governor - Pat McCrory and next Lt. Gov. Robert Pittenger. I also think the Republicans have a decent shot at picking up some state senate seats and maybe enough to get a majority, we'll see.

    McCain/Palin '08, Dole '08, Lawson '08 and McCrory '08!

  • hball57 Nov 4, 2008

    I heard teh funniest ad ever yesterday. On an Urban radio station, with a African-American host, Pat McCrory runs an ad saying "for real cahnge, that Barack Obama recomends, vote for Pat McCrory not Bev Perdue". Pat McCrory running away from John McCain? What?

  • ratherbnnc Nov 4, 2008

    It is to bad, that I can not vote for an Independent, but this race is so tight with the 2 LOSERS for President-Senate-Gov, that vote really counts and I do not want to give it away in protest I am UNHAPPY with the candidates for the 3 major offices from both parties

    Then go back to Mexico and vote for Vicente Fox!!

  • ratherbnnc Nov 4, 2008

    Salaries/wages of all State Employees is public (and published) information. There is a wonderful little tool called "Google" that you might want to try sometime.

    Thats odd! I just Googled by name and state employee and nowhere does my name or salary show up! pffft!!

  • canesnut Nov 4, 2008

    GO PAT GO!

    It's time to turn our backs on the last eight years of corruption in Raleigh. Vote McCrory and Pittenger!

  • Eduardo1 Nov 3, 2008

    It is to bad, that I can not vote for an Independent, but this race is so tight with the 2 LOSERS for President-Senate-Gov, that vote really counts and I do not want to give it away in protest I am UNHAPPY with the candidates for the 3 major offices
    from both parties