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Obama returning to N.C. on eve of election

Posted October 31, 2008

— Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama will return to North Carolina on the eve of Election Day, punctuating his effort to be come the first party winner here in more than three decades.

Obama's campaign said Friday he plans to visit the Charlotte area on Monday as part of a swing-state blitz. His office did not provide any other details.

Obama has visited North Carolina eight times during the campaign, trying to swing the state that has reliably voted for Republicans in White House races. He held a campaign event in downtown Raleigh on Wednesday.

The U.S. senator from Illinois has been able to capitalize on changing demographics, thousands of new voters and a large black population to put his campaign within reach of victory. A WRAL News poll released Monday showed Obama and McCain in a dead heat, with 47 percent of the vote apiece.

North Carolina hasn't backed a Democrat for president since 1976.

McCain avoided stops in the state for months but started bringing his campaign here as polls showed the race narrowing. He visited Fayetteville on Tuesday. His running mate, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, will be in Raleigh on Saturday, less than a week after she campaigned in Asheville.


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  • Lyle Oct 31, 2008


    Thanks for providing clear details. Sometimes you need to make things P A I N F U L L Y clear to get the truth across, and most times, well, it will not help those who will not see.

    Obama/Biden '08

  • cary2006 Oct 31, 2008

    computer trainer: If you have noticed, the amount you have to make to NOT be taxed is changing daily. It was less than $250,000. now it is down to $120,000.

    Maybe you spend too much time on right wing website or maybe you need some computer training to search the internet, Obama has always said - NO INCREASE in taxes for under 250K for families and 200K for individuals. What Bill Richardson is talking about is providing TAX CUTS ( LOWERING taxes) for those making less than 120K.

    Obama's tax cut details :

  • Lyle Oct 31, 2008

    koolady, why would he finance his opponent? I know, he's too busy sending millions in illegal campaign donations to terrorist organizations and to pro-abortion groups. No need to elaborate.

    I drove home from work today, checked my email, and responded to yet another donation request from Barack Hussein Obama's campaign. I sent them yet another $500 donation online. I guess I am helping to buy the vote, but hey, it makes me feel REAL GOOD inside.

    Obama/Biden '08

  • koolady Oct 31, 2008

    If Obama is so interested in spreading the wealth around, why doesn't he give some of his millions in campaign donations to McCain to buy air time?

  • computer trainer Oct 31, 2008

    If you have noticed, the amount you have to make to NOT be taxed is changing daily. It was less than $250,000. now it is down to $120,000.

  • PaulRevere Oct 31, 2008

    "I can't wait until Obama gets in. He will look after us. I currently work at Burger King and look forward to get getting extra money from him. I live on a tight budget and I'm glad we will have a president that will look after struggling families. God bless you Barack.... the messiah for the working poor!!"

    If he is elected, you won't be getting money from HIM. You'll be getting it from taxpayers. At first I thought your post was a joke, but then I realized you're voting for Obama and decided you weren't kidding. When you grow up (I'm assuming you are young) you'll change your mind.

  • JaredsMom Oct 31, 2008

    Yippee - NOT!


  • seanboyus Oct 31, 2008


    Check out the is hilarious:

    As the only reporter during this election who has actually visited upwards of 50 of John McCain's field offices around the country (13 battleground states and counting), this piece by Matthew Mosk at the Washington Post comes as no surprise:

    In Cortez, CO, we had Republican volunteers pose for action-shot photos. The same in Española, New Mexico. Posed. For some time at the outset, we were willing to give Republicans the benefit of the doubt. They convinced us they were really working, and that we had just had unfortunate timing. It wasn't until the pattern of "just missed it" started to sound like a drumbeat in our ears that we began to grow skeptical. We never "just missed" any of the Obama volunteer work, because it goes on nonstop, every day, in every office, in every corner of America.

  • onyourheels2 Oct 31, 2008

    i think McCain is going to pull it out tuesday. win or lose, just by looking at the people who support obaoma and the one's who support McCain, i'm glad i voted McCain.

  • seanboyus Oct 31, 2008

    "It seems everybody is jumping aboard the Obama express. The latest: Ken Duberstein, Ronald Reagan's former chief of staff offered his endorsement this morning.

    After endorsing Obama, Duberstein appeared on MSNBC, where he launched into a full-fledged assault on John McCain's judgment for selecting Sarah Palin. It was a sight to behold, not just for the denunciation of John McCain, but also for the sheer joy of watching the collapse of the GOP coalition before our very eyes"

    You Reganites remember Duberstein?