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Man indicted in crash that killed UNC mascot

Posted October 28, 2008

— Grand jurors in Bergen County have indicted a Paramus man on charges that he struck and killed the University of North Carolina's student mascot.

Prosecutors say Armen Hovsepian's driver's license was suspended when his SUV hit Jason Ray in March 2007.

Ray was walking along a shoulder of Route 4. The 21-year-old was staying at a nearby hotel for the NCAA East Regional finals. The senior from Concord, N.C., had performed as the Tar Heels' mascot for three years.

Hovsepian's 52-year-old father told authorities he was driving and the crash was initially ruled an accident. But police say they later received a tip that the son was behind the wheel.

Hovsepian is charged with causing death while driving without a license. If convicted, the third-degree offense carries up to five years in prison.


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  • james27613 Oct 28, 2008

    NO, never cover for somebody else mistake.
    Father should never have let the son drive, period. no excuse.

    Lame excuse, 'other drivers on I-40 w/o license' nope.

    Conviction ? no, trial by jury of his peers, YES YES YES.

    Let the scales of Justice balance the evidence and facts.

    Would you cover for your child? Would you want to live the rest of your life like that? How many people driving down I-40 this morning are driving on suspended licenses? How many have had accidents and hurt people or worse? Someone is under pressure for a conviction in this case.

  • james27613 Oct 28, 2008

    I have family in ny and nj area, I know the area well.

    NJ drivers are some of the worst in the country, I know,
    I lived on long island and worked in ny city and nj.

    cops should have checked to see of both men had blood
    alcohol levels. when they checked the id of the son
    they should have found his license was pulled !

    charge father with accessory to vehicular homocide and the
    son too.

    as for the son having to 'live' with the fact he killed
    another man, well he will get over it, people like him
    that jump out of the drivers seat to hide the fact that he should never have been behind the wheel have no respect.

    Pedestrian has the right of way unless you are crossing a divided highway, etc.

  • Hanker Oct 28, 2008

    ptahandatum- my reference was that wral would't put in one of my comments and i'm guessing because they thought it was "off topic" to this news feed. But your comment and the one just after was off topic as well since religion was brought into the conversation. That was my reference to those comments as being biased. My comment had nothing to do with relion- You were mocking Rev RB and they posted it. Simple enough

  • Heel from Hell Oct 28, 2008

    For the record:

    Jason was walking across an entryway to a hotel when he was hit. Had there been a sidewalk I'm sure he would have been walking on it...thanks for the observation leaderofthepack. I guess you can get anywhere you want on your John Deere.

    The driver had his license suspended for DUI, and due to the fact that his father said he was driving, the cops didn't issue field sobriety tests to "the passenger". We'll never know if there was a criminal element to this tragedy...all thanks to papa.

    Jason's selfless act to donate his organs is the ONLY positive outcome of this. I'm sure the driver will be tormented by his actions for the rest of his life.

  • ptahandatum Oct 28, 2008

    funny how someone can mocking here. just the real live truth. no proof of any gods or any other super natural being for that matter, nor anyone dying on a cross or on a tree to save your soul. all wives tales. carry on WRAL with the truth and not censorship. too bad this person died because a god wasn't there to stop it. proof no gods exist at all.

  • leaderofthepack Oct 28, 2008

    People should start walking on sidewalks.

  • Hanker Oct 28, 2008

    funny how folks can mock comments about god and they pass through the moderators. hmmmmmmm no bias in here is there? just something to chew on wral....

  • gordonbabe Oct 28, 2008

    Hate it for all involved, but yes there IS a God.It was just his time to go.

  • ptahandatum Oct 28, 2008

    no gods to bless anyone. if there were, this wouldn't have happened. swisher sweet: you can censor me from your blogs, but not in other places.

  • Adelinthe Oct 28, 2008

    Praying for the loved ones of the victim, and for this family as well.

    God bless.

    Rev. RB