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Biden pushes theme of reclaiming America

Posted October 27, 2008

— Democratic vice presidential nominee Joe Biden was rolling through North Carolina again Monday after a three-city bus tour last week in an effort to secure the state for the Democrats in next week's election.

Barack Obama's running mate led a rally Monday morning at East Carolina University and an afternoon rally in Greensboro.

Biden continued to push the themes of economic recovery, ending the war in Iraq, expanding health-care coverage and building an industry around domestic production of renewable energy.

"We do not have to accept things the way they are," he said to a crowd at ECU. "It's our time. It's America's time. It's time to get up and take back the country we love."

Biden told supporters he and Obama would work to restore the middle class and fight for change in Washington. Republican presidential candidate John McCain won't do that, he said.

"I know Halloween is coming up, but John McCain dressed as an agent of change – that costume doesn't fit, folks," Biden said.

He also compared Republican attacks on Obama to those leveled against Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, Franklin Roosevelt and John F. Kennedy.

"New ideas and new leaders are often met with negative attacks built on lies," he told a crowd in Greensboro. "That's how (Republicans have) won in the past – divide us, scare us, tell us we're different.

"Our problems are too big, and for too long, our politics have been too small."

Supporters eagerly lapped up the message.

"I've already voted, and I think that he explained all the reasons why he needs to be vice president and why Obama needs to be president," Carol Irons said.

"He got a lot of people motivated, got a lot of people excited about Barack," said Carl Stupka, a senior at ECU.

The Democratic ticket is pushing to win North Carolina for the first time in more than three decades. Recent polls have shown Obama and McCain locked in a tight race, with McCain edging into the lead in the past week.

Obama plans a stop in Raleigh on Wednesday – gates open at 10 a.m. on Halifax Mall in the state government complex on North Salisbury Street – and his wife, Michelle Obama, will be in Fayetteville and Rocky Mount the same day.

Not to be outdone, the Republicans are also hammering their message in the surprise swing state.

GOP vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin was in Asheville on Sunday, and McCain will be in Fayetteville on Tuesday.


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  • jdman Oct 28, 2008

    RALPH NADER 08......

  • momof2 Oct 28, 2008

    terpfan--my thoughts exactly. So, little Barbara West asks some tough questions from Biden who obviously didn't like the questions and tried not to answer them. Now, the democratic party has boo-hoo'd away and have frozen all interviews with that station. Is this how Obama/Biden will handle a major international crisis? Someone won't play ball the way they like and they turn around and pout? Obama states that he has had an interest in Marxism and the liberals shrug it off? God bless our country--we need Him now more than ever.

  • saltnsanddefenderofdamiddleclass Oct 27, 2008

    ok this election is completely irrevelant. algore said a couple years back we only have 10 years left because of global warming. so at worst obama will be the last president before the sea level rises and surf's up dude! so get a boat and some good fishing gear

  • NC Taxpayer Oct 27, 2008

    Little restaurant in Las Cruzes, New Mexico in the 1950's: History shows that all civilizations have followed this timetable: the people go from chains, to spiritual faith, from spiritual faith to courage, from courage to liberty, from liberty to abundance, from abundance to selfishness, from selfishness to complacency, from complacency to apathy, from apathy to dependency, from dependency back to chains.
    The Democratic Party offers too much dependency on the federal government.

  • Adelinthe Oct 27, 2008

    fofonnie -

    If you see someone call someone an idiot, report them. We're trying like crazy to get rid of folks who do that here on GOLO.


    God bless.

    Rev. RB

  • greentara Oct 27, 2008

    please give me a third, fourth party so I can be proud to vote a leader in the white house!! by the end of all the mudslinging, I still feel I'm choosing the lesser of two evils here. why do we believe all these promises anyway? we all should know better, it is all about what congress votes on, not what one man promises he MIGHT do. gee wiz, doncha think he is going to have a lot on his hands with other countries to even think about our silly taxes? Silly, because no one should pay income tax. why do we penalize people for working in the first place? penalize the shoppers!!! and those wretched sex and the city girls.... stupid ugly shoes they wear, no attention at all to the beak faced reality...... um hum! you want $200.00 jeans and you are that insecure to pay for them....PAY!!!!

  • restless native Oct 27, 2008

    I find it hysterical that people post things like "we all know Obama is going to win" Really? You must have a crystal ball :)

    And please refrain from calling people idiots just becasue they don't share your beliefs. In my world that kind of makes you the idiot

  • doobedobedoodoo Oct 27, 2008

    hair plugs.

    false teeth

  • cary2006 Oct 27, 2008


    do you remember what repubs said about McCain in 2000 South Carolina primary? do you know what repub are saying about Bush NOW compared to what they were not saying a month ago. don't forget these are politicians first.

  • terpfan Oct 27, 2008


    95% of the people WON'T get a tax break. This is a fact. Why? Because 30-35% of ALL Americans pay no taxes at all. So, if your current obligation is ZERO how can you pay less?

    This is the logic that the Dems and the media have used to discredit the Bush tax cuts. Rich people got a tax break. That's garbage. They compared a family of 4 making $40K and said, well, they only save a couple hundred dollars. But the family making $250K saved a couple of thousand. What they don't say is that the first family no longer has ANY tax obligation, so you can't save any more.

    Obama DOES have socialist beliefs. Listen to this tape of Obama back in 2001.

    It is perfectly clear that his economic philosophy is socialism.