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Governor: Fuel shortage only 'temporary'

Posted September 24, 2008

— Gov. Mike Easley says more gasoline is headed to fuel-starved western North Carolina.

In a statement released Wednesday, the governor said oil companies are aware of the gas shortage in the Southeast and are working to transfer fuel into North Carolina.

"We are getting tankers from Wilmington, Tennessee and South Carolina terminals to bring hundreds of thousands of gallons of gas to those most in need," Easley said.

Easley said pipelines that were damaged during Hurricane Ike are being refilled. But fuel has not been flowing as fast as it normally does. Easley said he expects the situation to improve over the next day.

While the governor said the shortage is temporary, he's urging motorists to take "common sense" steps to conserve fuel by cutting down on travel, and carpooling when possible.


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  • whatusay Sep 25, 2008

    68_polara...sorry but I disagree...the only problem is carbon build-up, and most of that was reduced when we went to lead-free gasoline. Spark knock also occurs when you have water in your gas tank, whether you use regular or premium. Spark knock only means that the fuel is still burning when the exhaust valve opens because it is not as combustible.

  • 68_polara Sep 25, 2008


    Depends on the car. It will cause damage to many vehicles especially under hard acceleration or going up hills. If you here a pinging noise (spark knock). It could be causing problems.

  • Bendal1 Sep 25, 2008

    Guess it depends on how you define "temporary". I filled up this morning and both mid-grade and premium gas wasn't available where I stopped. Price for regular was $3.77/gallon, at the station near Wal-Mart on New Bern/New Hope Road.

  • whatusay Sep 25, 2008

    chargernut69...where did you get that information. I had a Cadillac that said to use premium only and I used 87 octane from 1994 til 2005. I was told the vehicles computer regulates the proper air/fuel mixture regardless of the octane and there would be no damage, only less miles per gallon. I never had any engine problems.

  • chargernut69 Sep 24, 2008 mid-grade or premium fuel at most stations tonite. I had to drive to 4 stations to find premium.

    Also, contrary to what the red-nyuck car dealers said on the TV new tonight, if you use 87 octane in a "premium only" car, you risk damage to the valves and the engine. I have a 4-valve per cylinder engine in my Eclipse and 87 octane will cause permanent damage due to overheating of the valves.

  • whatusay Sep 24, 2008

    Words of wisdom from Gov Easley, hope this does not produce a tax increase.

  • Mazdaspeed Sep 24, 2008

    I find it amusing how people start buying gas up when something that could effect it rolls around the corner. As if it will make everything all right.

    Soon people will start to buy bread and milk when gas goes on a "shortage."

  • bs101fly Sep 24, 2008

    ohhhh the great leader, right!

    "Fuel shortage ONLY temporary"

    But prices will be above $4 a gallon soon and then FOREVER. What about that oh education Gov??

    Isn't it time for you to leave? For good!

  • Funky Neighbor LEE Sep 24, 2008

    First the government is solving problems by sueing gas stations for charging more so they won't run out and now the government is solving problems of no gas when pumps run dry. Catch-22.

  • Z Man Sep 24, 2008

    QUICK - take your half empty car, grab all your gas cans, and hit the pump. Take as much fuel away from the station as you possibly can!