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Outside ads force McCrory onto airwaves

Posted August 13, 2008

— Republican gubernatorial candidate Pat McCrory on Wednesday unveiled his first television advertisement, in part to challenge an ad from an outside group.

In his ad, the Charlotte mayor said he supports deep-sea oil exploration as well as conservation. It says his challenger, Democratic Lt. Gov. Beverly Perdue, is 100 percent opposed to drilling.

McCrory campaign strategist Jack Hawke said the campaign is spending $150,000 to run the ad for 10 days.

McCrory said he hadn't planned on running any TV spots until after Labor Day, but that ads questioning his economic policies forced his hand.

"We would have preferred to wait, but when you have this mysterious group playing ads that we think are misleading and incorrect and not giving a counter position, I felt like we needed to come out," he said.

The ads targeting McCrory were paid for by the Alliance for North Carolina, a so-called 527 group that is funded by the Democratic Governors Association and the political action committee of the National Education Association.

In addition to challenging some of McCrory's positions, the ads instruct viewers to call his office in Charlotte. McCrory said his office has received about 300 calls during the past two weeks.

He said he wouldn't enter into a public war with the Alliance for North Carolina, choosing to focus his ad on his support of offshore drilling while questioning Perdue's stance.

Perdue's campaign said McCrory's ad is untrue.

"The ad continues Pat McCrory's untruthful claims about Bev Perdue," campaign spokesman Tim Crowley said. "Bev Perdue has consistently said she supports offshore drilling on America's coasts."

Scott Falmlen, a Democratic political consultant and a spokesman for the Alliance for North Carolina, said the group's backers are glad their ad provoked a response from McCrory.

"We're delighted that the issues – a higher minimum wage for North Carolinians, free community colleges and no perks for politicians – are being debated in the public square," Falmlen said.


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  • Beachnut Aug 14, 2008

    It's a sad commentary that the out-of-state mystery groups running these ads have calculated that the average NC voter will fall for them!

  • Z Man Aug 14, 2008

    Yes ezlike... I see no reason for McCrory to even respond to the attack ads. They are so rediculous they're not only ineffective but in effect make McCrory look good! He has already addressed the issues in the ads and I agree with his position, 100%, on every point.

    On the other hand, they make Purdue look like the bumbling fool. Anyone that supports free community college must be a big goverment liberal. They appeal to those that don't want to work so they can implement policies to take from those that do want to work, then waste a bunch of it, and give any that's left to those that don't want to work!

    Besides, we already have free college. It's called a scholarship. Unfortunately for some it requires hard work to prove yourself worthy.

    Stay out of my wallet Purdue! Pat's got my vote.

  • enoughsenough Aug 14, 2008

    MSN93: That is what I say about the gas prices.

  • ezLikeSundayMorning Aug 13, 2008

    I think the article said an education union supports the 527 running the ad, but that is still a huge stretch to claim money paid to teachers then to a union is fianced with public money. Teachers did the work, once they are paid, the public has no claim on what they do with it after that.

    I laugh at the commercial, I'm a registered dem, but they picked the issues I agree with McCrory on to attack him with. I want to call that number and say Community College should not be free (100% publicly financed) and the minimum wage should not be increased.

    If I voted today, I would vote McCrory.

  • davidgnews Aug 13, 2008

    Provide many badly needed jobs in eastern N.C. ireckun

    Paid for with YOUR tax money.

  • ireckun Aug 13, 2008

    So an out side group attacks his stand on energy independence for the country.Drilling for oil and gas off the coast is not going to turn the
    the beaches into an an environmental disaster area.But it will do something
    that many cannot dispute.Provide many badly needed jobs in eastern N.C.

  • davidgnews Aug 13, 2008

    wynnediii - Free means you don't have to work for anything or pay for anything. Not exactly the approach for building character, I agree.

  • wynnediii Aug 13, 2008

    I will never understand why people think community college should be free. Free to whom? Someone has to pay for it. I think 18-20 year olds are responsible enough to get a job and pay for it themselves. You can't get handouts forever and expect to make anything for yourself.

  • davidgnews Aug 13, 2008

    rayzer - if you don't have an accurate cite for that, then you have nothing.

    floydturbo - silly as ever. Where do you get that stuff? Do you even know their voter registration? I'd bet that you don't.

  • UNCfuturealumi Aug 13, 2008

    Come on McCrory, I am willing to see a change, so sick of the Democrats still hiding their dirty laundry behind some Alliance. Let em' go, they not gonna hurt you. We support you all the way and yes, i am a registered democrat..SIC..