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Ex-boyfriend sought in detention officer's death

Posted August 7, 2008

— Authorities continue to search for a man charged with shooting and killing his ex-girlfriend, a New Hanover County detention officer, a spokesman said Thursday.

Sheriff's 1st Sgt. Tim Fuss said officers had not found Anthony Antwand Bowen, 30, who is charged with first degree murder.

Officials say Tarica Ann Pulliam, 27, was shot several times outside her Wilmington home early Wednesday morning and was taken to New Hanover Regional Medical Center, where she died.

Pulliam had worked for the sheriff's office for two years. She leaves behind a 7-year-old daughter.

Public records show Bowen and Pulliam lived in the same apartment until April.

Authorities said Bowen is considered armed and dangerous. He was last seen driving a silver Ford Taurus with the license plate number VYE3086.

According to public records, on April 1, Pulliam said in an affidavit for a domestic violence protective order that Bowen choked her until she nearly lost consciousness and punched her in her left jaw.

"He then stated that he was going to finish what he started," she wrote in April. "He said that he was going to get his gun. As he reached in the closet, my mother knocked on the front door."

He was charged with assault on a female, second-degree kidnapping and assault by strangulation for the incident. He was also charged with first-degree kidnapping in a case involving another woman from an incident a few days later.

Pulliam's family members declined to speak to reporters. Bowen's mother said she didn't know where her son was.


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  • JuanGrande v3.0 Aug 7, 2008

    At least we don't have to waste the money a trail would cost the taxpayers.

  • harbourwoman Aug 7, 2008

    Again - a 50B is just a piece of paper. So sad. What should have been done to protect this woman?

  • SassyinStilettos Aug 7, 2008

    Hey everyone. I live in Wilmington and just wanted to update people on this matter. The suspect committed suicide this afternoon in a wooded area in or around Jacksonville as police officers surrounded him.

    He and the detention officer met while she was working at the jail and he was an inmate. He was released, they moved in together, she filed a protective order after he almost strangled her to death. Sad, I feel sad for her daughter and am praying for her and the family.

  • JustOneGodLessThanU Aug 7, 2008

    Aw, what a BIG man...shooting a woman 1/3 his size.

    Life-goes-on: So you think maybe she was asking for it, eh? What cave do you live in?

  • Mrs Fabulous 1 Aug 7, 2008

    To the poster that said this man was a black male:

    I talked with a friend of my father's who is from the area where this situation happened. He said that young man is Native American. Not sure if his references are accurate, but I would assume so. Just an FYI.

  • Dr. Dataclerk Aug 7, 2008

    He should have remained in jail until tried on the two crimes of domestic violence.

    I agree. This is why the law needs to be change on domestic violence.

  • Tax Man Aug 7, 2008

    Why do they let these people out of jail when they have two crimes committed with violence? At least the bond should have been very high. Now this guy is still at large and very dangerous. I sure hope he does not kill anyone else before the police kill him. Why do we let these people free when we know they will do this sort of thing? He should have remained in jail until tried on the two crimes of domestic violence. Only if he was acquitted should he have been freed. Now one is dead and no telling what this desperado will do next. He knows the cops will shoot to kill, so he has nothing to lose.

  • wcnc Aug 7, 2008

    At Work- Yes, they have gone all out to find this guy. I think the public should be happy they are going all out to find someone who has SO little regard for life that they will gun down the person paid to protect all of us......

    However, that being said, EVERY murder is worked for hours upon hours, overtime from detectives who don't see their families for weeks, etc, in order to find a murderer for the "every day citizen"......

    Just some info on LEO work.....

  • iron fist Aug 7, 2008

    Why was this man not is jail?

  • anonemoose Aug 7, 2008

    She made her bad choice from day one. He was convicted in 2002 for Assault on a female and unlawful imprisonment. That's just what is on the DOC website. There is no telling what is on the AOC files that didn't make it to DOC. I've never seen, absent some sort of pathology, a DV murder that there wasn't warning signs early on.

    I'm sorry for her child and family, but this didn't have to happen.