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RNC chairman to visit Raleigh to talk up McCain

Posted August 6, 2008

— The chairman of the Republican National Committee wants to talk about the party's strategy to win North Carolina's electoral votes.

Chairman Mike Duncan and other top GOP strategists plan to meet with state GOP leaders Wednesday and talk with reporters about presumptive nominee John McCain's campaign in North Carolina.

The "Victory 2008 Tour" also will focus on the party's get-out-the-vote and fundraising efforts.

North Carolina's electoral votes haven't gone to the Democrats since 1976.

Democratic hopes are higher this year with candidate Barack Obama and voter registration for the party increasing.

Democratic National Committee chairman Howard Dean visited North Carolina about two weeks ago as part of a Southern bus tour to drum up support for Obama.


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  • MarcoPolo Aug 6, 2008

    Who is he?

  • davidgnews Aug 6, 2008

    canes017 - Not that I'd defend them, but what good is the democratic party, anyway? Gathering from most of the comments on this board day-in, day-out, why don't we just find a way to do away with it?

    I'm sure after that happens you can enjoy the totalitarian government under those you support, and things will be perfect from there.

    As if the current oligarchy isn't bad enough ......

  • davidgnews Aug 6, 2008

    But not AS evil. canes017

    Hardly. They're all cut from the same cloth, and it's all about the posturing.

  • canes017 Aug 6, 2008

    "Republicans have lots to offer us"

    Ah yes, and democrats have alot to offer too, like an willingness to bend over to any country that wants to walk all over us, releasing osama bin laden to get a second attempt at attacking the WTC, a stained blue dress, a couple stained interns here and there, an unrelenting push to make everything social in this country government controlled, a complete lack of caring for the lives of US citizens, a southern hick that was so awful a president that he paved the way for the BIGGEST blowout in a presidential election since Washington, a faulty energy plan that will break this country's economy for power sources that will not be able to sustain us fully for at least 30 more years, racism, sexism, prostitution scandals, money scandals, and abundantly pessimistic view on EVERYTHING, and a total disdain for letting people be free and happy if it means they will have to forfeit an iota of power or tax money.

    Yes, other than those its a GREAT party.

  • canes017 Aug 6, 2008

    "The lesser of two evils is still evil."

    But not AS evil.

  • JustOneGodLessThanU Aug 6, 2008

    Republicans have lots to offer us: warrantless wire taps on your phone, worst economy since the Great Depression, torture (and now that Bush ignored the Geneva Convention, why should other countries follow it for our soldiers?), no concern for our planet or any other people on it, turned a huge budget surplus into a ridiculous budget deficit, continued increase of debt on our children, etc. So, their campaign will be to bash Obama to distract you from the real issues.

  • davidgnews Aug 6, 2008

    canes017 - thanks (conveniently) missing my point and for twisting the statement to suit your own purpose.

    The lesser of two evils is still evil.

  • canes017 Aug 6, 2008

    "Senator McCain with his yellow teeth and angry whining is pitiful."

    Are we really going to make this a decision over looks rather than political ideas? Because any obama supporter would be ill advised to go down that road given the fact that obama could fly if he flapped those ears hard enough.

  • canes017 Aug 6, 2008

    "Truly a sad statement. No wonder this country's in trouble."

    I agree, it is truly sad that so horrible a candidate is running in this election that it will be a referendum on him come November rather than a race between two capable individuals.

  • davidgnews Aug 6, 2008

    That's because most people will be voting AGAINST obama, not FOR McCain. canes017

    Truly a sad statement. No wonder this country's in trouble.