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Judge approves death penalty trial in trooper's slaying

Posted July 25, 2008

— A judge ruled Friday in Haywood County Superior Court that prosecutors could seek the death penalty against the man charged with the shooting death of a Highway Patrol trooper June 17.

Trooper David Shawn Blanton Jr., 24, was killed June 17 during a traffic stop on Interstate 40 near Canton.

Edwardo Wong III, 37, of Ormond Beach, Fla.. Wong is charged with first-degree murder, among other charges.

Wong also is charged with attempted first-degree murder of Haywood County Sheriff's detective Bruce Warren. He also faces three counts of possession of a firearm by a felon, possession with the intent to sell marijuana and possession with the intent to sell the psychedelic drug ecstasy.


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  • doubletrouble Jul 25, 2008

    Trublu is correct about the low pay. In my county, the salary for deputies is so low, most have to moonlight just to make ends meet. It's not a profession for folks who want to have gobs in the bank-they have to love what they do, and maybe a reason why Tru gets a little hyper, over any LE bashing and after seeing a LE brother killed in the line of duty(for the same low pay). Certainly he knows that he took an oath to protect and serve, which means that he took an oath to value your life, above his own, in a given situation. He is still a citizen of this country, with = protection and rights as everyone else and thus, the same as everyone else. Any LE officer who thinks otherwise, to be above the law, or "above" the ordinary citizen, who pays his salary, certainly needs to have a mental examination-or be stripped of their badge.

  • doubletrouble Jul 25, 2008

    Honestly..I don't think wearing a cop's uniform should automatically give a death sentence.....I think ALL who take a life in such a manner, should be given a death sentence. I applaude our LE for the thankless job that they do sometimes, and they see more of the injustice of our justice system, than the ordinary citizen does. They catch them, bring them in..with a slick lawyer, they are out on bail before the report is even dry. 3rd time jail time, just probation...again. Around here..they have certain offenders that when released, they know in 48hrs, things are going to go down, again. Call it job security I suppose.

  • Trublue in Wake County Jul 25, 2008

    ARMYNAVYSEEBE - let me help you out a little there, construction squid. I was military from 1984 - 2004, Regular Army, Special Operations Weapons Sergeant. I've led and participated in more combat operations, some of which was very up close and personal, than probably half the time you've been alive. That means little pipsqueeks like you, used to call guys like me to come and clean up your half executed plans and remove heads from 4th points of contact. So before you spout, you better recognize - sweet pea.

  • Trublue in Wake County Jul 25, 2008

    Oh and that was US Army, PMOS 18B5V, 3d Special Forces Forces Group, Fort Bragg, under some infamous names such as Bone, Rambo *yes the real one* Luthy, McFarland, and Hall - in case I needed to go slower for you my friend.

  • Trublue in Wake County Jul 25, 2008

    Armynavysweetpea - I'm not gonna service bash my brothers and sisters in here, but for the record - I wore three up, three down and a diamond in the middle...go look it up.

  • WRALcensorsforIslam Jul 25, 2008

    "godshelper", I'll go slower for you this time. Your nom de plume is hint enough that many of you LEO's have a problem with your EGO's. Your pal "trueblue" is basically arguing that Cops are above and beyond the law because they're "special" because they "raise your right hand and swear to put your life BEFORE anyone elses for little pay or appreciation". Your job is no more dangerous than quite a few others. None of them merit special status under the law. Beyond that, I really am offended that a mere cop wants to inflate his job from meter maid to Army Ranger. I'm sure that may score some tail now and again, but it's dishonest and it is offensive. Given the standard "trueblue" laid down, my son the Marine infantryman and my son in law the rifle platoon medic in the 1/504th of the Eighty Deuce ought to be allowed to rob banks without penalty. Heck, I should be free of traffic tickets for life myself. The law doesn't work that way. No special privileges, not even for meter maids.

  • godshelper Jul 25, 2008

    armynavyseebee... look here private pyle... what you said makes no sense Have you ever had a mortor come through your tent while you were eating. As myself having served in the armed forces in a combat role, and then becoming a LEO.. your comment makes no sense to me and the 3 other Vietnam veterens in this room. You are wrong. Though we all gave, we did so in a time of war. How often does that come around? Yes we have Poice officers on contract in Iraq right now that have been killed. Your MOS must have been field sanitation or cleaning the mess hall. As a proud american I am appauled at the way you talk about the men and women that keep our families safe while we leave for our missions. You should be also. As for Trooper Blanton and his family. I say God Bless you and I hope your family doesn't have to suffer through this trial to long...Thanks for the unselfish sacrifice you made in the name of homeland security and the State of North Carolina.

  • WRALcensorsforIslam Jul 25, 2008


    Thanks for piling it deep and wide. It really irks me to hear cops talk like that. You are LEO's, nothing more. To suggest that getting killed is in your job description is nonsense. If you want to live up to your hype, join the military in a combat or combat support MOS/Rate then your words will fit your job. As a GI it is insulting to have cops talk about their job as if it is like or as dangerous as that of a GI. When was the last time you went to chow and had a mortar come through the roof? Ever had your vehicle go airborne because of an IED while watching the two vehicles in front of you go airborne for different IED's at the same time? No? Wonder why? IT'S BECAUSE YOUR JOB ISN'T _GI_, it's cop, nothing more. Go write more traffic tickets and fill your quota. Most cops will never even fire their gun in the line of duty except on a pistol range. Now the meter maids, half of whom have beer bellies that'd make a Navy Chief embarrassed, want to be GI Joe. Geez.

  • momof2girls Jul 25, 2008

    For all of you who say all lives are equal........then an eye for an eye and a tooth for a the death penalty would be too good for him but the best we can hope for!!

  • nathanius Jul 25, 2008

    Thats because we do the job that you are scared to do nathanius, and until you raise your right hand and swear to put your life BEFORE anyone elses for little pay or appreciation, then you can be "special" to. But until then, go about your boring life and lease the risk tasking to us.

    There is very little that I am afraid of. Everyone takes a risk when they walk out the door. You know the risk of the job, so don't whine about not being appreciated. You are delusional to think your life is more exciting than mine.