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Man charged in I-40 death of trooper due in court

Posted July 25, 2008

— The man charged with killing a state trooper on Interstate 40 in western North Carolina  last month was scheduled to appear in court for a hearing Friday.

Edwardo Wong III of Ormond Beach, Fla., is charged with first-degree murder in Trooper David Shawn Blanton Jr.'s death. The 37-year-old Wong also is charged with attempted first-degree murder of Haywood County sheriff's detective Bruce Warren.

The hearing was scheduled in Haywood County Superior Court.

The 24-year-old trooper was shot to death June 17 during a traffic stop on I- 40 near Canton.

Wong also is charged with three counts of possession of a gun by a felon, possession with the intent to sell marijuana and possession with the intent to sell the psychedelic drug ecstasy.


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  • Angel67 Jul 25, 2008

    I agree someone should have shot him before he even got to the police station.

  • pappybigtuna1 Jul 25, 2008

    We should be reading the report from the SBI about justifiable homicide by the arresting officer (note: this guy fire at least 2 rounds at that officer). Now the ACLU will get involved, beat up the state procecuter, cost the tax payer hundreds of thousands in court cost, then we get to feed & cloth him (medical care also). OK where is god bless you and i'm praying for him?

  • Trublue in Wake County Jul 25, 2008

    Should be abducted in the middle of the night and a black hood placed over his head and then dealt with via 220 gr Hydro-shock. The sad thing is he will have a "hero" status within the prison system. Now I gotta pay for you to get fatter in prison for the rest of your life while you write your book or "find god." If you are really lucky, a group of pinko celebrities will argue for your humane treatment for 20 years and elevate you to folk status. But you know, thats ok - someone will wait for you in a dark hall way while you march to chow, or casually pass you by on your return to your cell from your one hour break in the day. Maybe that day when the CO's respond to a separate "disturbance" and leave you unattended - on purpose. But the one thing you need to remember - Sean has a child who will grow up and will learn patience and maybe, just maybe, with a slim glimmer of hope you may walk out when you are 80 and someone will be waiting in the parking lot to offer you a "ride."

  • chase146 Jul 25, 2008

    Lethal injection is too easy. This man needs to be taken to the Cherokee Indian tribe and dropped off. They will handle the rest.

  • rcrdngcountry Jul 25, 2008

    bring back the death penality.

  • Gerbil Herder Jul 25, 2008

    Isn't he the lead rapper from 2 Live Crew?

  • momof2girls Jul 25, 2008

    Why waste time and taxpayer money on a lengthy trial. Execute him now!!!