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Moore endorses Perdue for governor

Posted July 16, 2008

— State Treasurer Richard Moore officially endorsed Beverly Perdue for governor Wednesday, two months after their expensive and acrimonious Democratic primary campaign in which Moore questioned her commitment to party principles.

In an e-mail sent to supporters Wednesday, Moore urged them to support the lieutenant governor in her bid to win the state's top job in the November election against Republican nominee Pat McCrory.

Perdue defeated Moore in the May 6 primary, 56 percent of the vote to 40 percent.

"Bev Perdue and I had a tough, spirited primary campaign," Moore wrote. "And while the outcome was not what we had hoped for, one thing is clear: the differences between Bev Perdue and me pale in comparison to our differences with Pat McCrory."

Although the three losing Republican candidates immediately backed McCrory after the primary, Moore didn't follow suit and express support for Perdue after their campaign. He had attempted to raise questions about her record on gun control and abortion and took heat from other party leaders for commercials questioning Perdue's civil rights record.

But Moore's e-mail focused on the things that he says they agree on, including world-class public schools, energy policy and "economic opportunity for all North Carolina families." He said it was important this election year to have a "unified Democratic Party" backing Perdue for governor.

"She'll continue to stand up for North Carolina's families and to make sure they have a voice in Raleigh," wrote Moore, adding that his supporters should consider giving to her campaign.


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  • ncguy Jul 17, 2008

    Loks Like Moore wants to keep his job.

    Doesn't matter the Democrats are done in office in NC. Mr. Easley made sure of that with his antics...

  • Seeminglyopposed Jul 17, 2008

    He sounded like he meant it until the last statement "She will continue to support the families of NC"-that was a sure way to get people to go the other way. By the track record of who she is trying to replace the word "CONTINUE" shot her in the foot. Do you think he knew that?

  • thugsnightmare Jul 16, 2008

    I did respect Richard Moore until he did this. Politics at it's best!!

  • RaleighMan Jul 16, 2008

    Correct headline for this article: "Moore endorses 4 more years of the same ole stuff."

  • Vincenzo R. Abacus Jul 16, 2008


    Why would the state treasurer be indicting anyone for anything? Wouldn't that be, say, the attorney general's job?

  • EyesintheSkies Jul 16, 2008

    LOL!!! The Randy Parton Theater boy rides again.

  • PaulRevere Jul 16, 2008

    This is the same man who wouldn't indict Crystal Mangum for ANYTHING! His endorsement should be soundly rejected by Perdue if she had any brains.

  • ThinkChick Jul 16, 2008

    Beverly Perdue is running for Mike Easley's third term. We all know what a joy that has been.

    She is a fairly dim bulb with no really extraordinary ideas - towing that party line of hoohah...

    ...Like no drilling off NC's coast that could bring decades of low fuel prices for NC families despite the overwhelming support for energy independence.

    She'd probably slap up useless wind turbines in a heartbeat tho.

  • Deacons Jul 16, 2008

    telecaster, I agree. Perdue is clueless, listen to her talk, she is not very smart, just another liberal democrat.

  • simbo Jul 16, 2008

    who gives a flip!