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Death penalty sought in trooper's shooting

Posted June 25, 2008

— The prosecutor handling the case against a Florida man accused in the fatal shooting of North Carolina Trooper David Shawn Blanton Jr. wants to seek the death penalty.

The Asheville Citizen-Times reported Wednesday that Haywood County District Attorney Michael Bonfoey asked a judge to decide whether there is enough evidence to try Edwardo Wong II for capital murder. The judge has not yet scheduled a hearing.

A Haywood County grand jury indicted Wong Monday on charges of first-degree murder and robbery with a dangerous weapon.

The State Bureau of Investigation, which is handling the inquiry, believes Blanton stopped Wong near Canton. Four minutes after that, the Haywood County Sheriff's Office started getting 911 calls saying Blanton had been shot.

Blanton died at the hospital. A sheriff's lieutenant arrested Wong 10 minutes after the shooting.

SBI agents found three pistols in Wong's truck – a Sig Sauer P229, a 9 millimeter Springfield Armory XD and a 9 millimeter Keltec P11.

The Highway Patrol has said one of the guns found in Wong's truck was Blanton's service weapon, but that he was not shot with his own gun. 


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  • momof3inNC Jun 26, 2008

    ATTN--This was fwd'd to me from my church...So sad, Please pray for this child.

    All of you are aware of the young state trooper that was killed
    > in Haywood County Tuesday. Trooper Shawn Blanton left behind a
    > wife and son. His son, Tye, was born 7 weeks premature and has
    > been in serious condition since his birth May 31st. Tye was
    > placed on life support yesterday afternoon and is now very critical.
    > The NC Highway Patrol is asking everyone they can possibly reach
    > to please remember Shawn's son in your thoughts and prayers. > > If you feel led to do so, please pass this prayer request along. > For the service, dedication and commitment that Shawn displayed > and these folks show us every day, this I can do.

  • CTR Jun 25, 2008

    Nor is it right for you to misquote Scripture which says, "do not murder."

    you are correct.

  • mike honcho Jun 25, 2008

    I don't know if he would acecpt Jesus Christ into his heart, but if I were the first one to find him after killing the Tropper in cold blood, I would have expidited the meeting.

  • areyououtofyourmind Jun 25, 2008

    "rlewis: "Thou shalt not kill" (Exodus 20:13; Deuteronomy 5:17)
    It's not up to you to decide what is moral."

    Nor is it right for you to misquote Scripture which says, "do not murder." There is a difference between murder and killing a person as an act of justice. Are you a pacifist that opposes all killing, including that done by the military as protection for your life?

    As far as numerous studies stating the death penalty does not deter crime, they are recent studies done by people who start off trying to justify the inhumanity of the death penalty.

    Everyone knows that 90% of all statistics can be used to support anyone's argument. Well, at least 50% of the time. This is believed by 5/4 of all people.

  • PikeMom4real Jun 25, 2008

    if he gets life in prison he may find Christ

    Don' they all "claim" to have found Christ!

  • doubletrouble Jun 25, 2008

    There are cases where the weight of the evidence is so cut and dry, it's pure stupidity to continue to house such a individual the rest of their life. The reason why it's more expensive to keep an inmate on DR is because it's a revolving cash cow for defense lawyers, DOC, DOC suppliers,the criminal justice system as a whole. If the dealth penalty doesn't deter, I'm pretty sure LWOP won't either and I surely can't believe that LWOP is cheaper, as the appeals still occur, free dental/medical/food/housing are still there as well. DR is 100% sure of no repeat offenders, either inside or on the outside. Remember, often lesser crime inmates are housed with hard core offenders...and LWOP carries a don't care/what do I have to lose attitude.

  • doodad Jun 25, 2008

    If not death row, how about getting them to make little rocks out of big rocks in 100 degree weather for life.

    That might deter a few folks.

  • hkypky Jun 25, 2008

    scientistjo: Yes, the reason it costs more to keep someone on death row than in the general population is because they linger on death row instead of being executed.

    I do not argue the fact that there could be or are innocent people on death row. I refuse, though, to believe that everyone on Death Row is innocent.

    Despite your views on the DP, do you feel Wong is innocent?

    Believe me, I am not trying to be sarcastic here but the DP is a deterrent to crime in that it is the only guarantee the criminal will not harm again. LWOP is no guarantee as criminals often harm other prisoners, guards, etc. when behind bars. Those folks deserve protection in your book, don't they?
    Regardless, if the DP was implemented as designed, it most definitely would deter crime. It's less effective than it could be for many other reasons.

    Your comparison of the United States to China, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, and Pakistan are merely a statistic and is frankly, laughable.

  • momof2girls Jun 25, 2008

    ......or should he have to watch this family mourn daily??? and watch this little boy grow up without his daddy(a daddy who never even got to hold him??)
    No that would not even be good enough for this low life b/c obviously he has no morals anyway!!!!!!!!

  • twc Jun 25, 2008

    If I was on death row you're absolutely right I wouldn't want to be executed! That deters me from doing some of the things I might want to do. Especially in rush hour traffic!!