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Conservative groups call for action at Legislature

Posted June 25, 2008

— Former U.S. Sen. Bob Dole said Wednesday that North Carolina conservatives must redouble their efforts if they hope to see Republicans in office on both the federal and state level come next year.

"Democrats have had an advantage in fundraising," Dole said. "They've been able to bring more people out to meetings ... If that keeps going that way, it will be big for them in November."

Dole joined other Republican politicians and several hundred conservative voters at a rally behind the Legislative Building to call on state lawmakers to consider their proposals that have been largely bottled up by the Democratic-controlled General Assembly.

Americans for Prosperity, which sponsored the "Take Back Our State" rally, toted an oversized mobile pig sculpture to dramatize what Republicans described as pork in state spending.

Speakers called on legislators to cut taxes and invest more in education through tax credits and the creation of more charter schools.

But many of the politicians, themselves current candidates, also touched on a different subject: Election Day.

Many current state officials are out of touch with issues that are important to North Carolinians, said GOP gubernatorial candidate Pat McCrory, the mayor of Charlotte.

"We've had a state government that doesn't understand that you've got to get out among the people and see what the problems are in the towns and cities throughout North Carolina," McCrory said. "We need to get outside the Beltline (Raleigh's inner loop) here and find out the impact of taxes, the impact of crime, the impact of the lack of jobs."

Former state Sen. Robert Pittinger, the Republican candidate for lieutenant governor, said the state's economy is damaged by Democratic control.

He pointed to the state's comparatively high tax structure and job losses as evidence that change is needed.

"They're pricing our state out of business," Pittinger said.

But with the legislative session in its waning weeks, Greensboro resident Neal Jurney said he doesn't think tax cuts – or any bill on the top of state conservatives' agenda – will be approved.

He said unless conservative voters oust Democratic leaders and take over outgoing Gov. Mike Easley's office, they won't see any changes.

"I feel like the state has been robbed from the people of North Carolina," Jurney said.


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  • davidgnews Jun 25, 2008

    whatusay - I wish we weren't stuck and could find a way out of it. The solutions and alternatives are /would be drastic at this point. Maybe that would be a good thing.

  • davidgnews Jun 25, 2008

    More grandstanding to get attention when they could have brought up this stuff a long time ago. Hey, I don't like the taxes and corrupt government, on any level, either.

    More separatism via more charter schools, while they push an agenda of furthering ignorance.

  • whatusay Jun 25, 2008

    Everything related to government is corrupt. There is no control over where the tax money goes. There is no control over how many government employees are hired. There is no control over illegal immigration. There is no control over the price of food and gasoline. There is no control over taxes. There is no control over crime. There is no control over drugs. Did I mention...every politician promises to make things better. bla..bla...bla...

  • hlwn7 Jun 25, 2008

    In a society that has a representative democracy type of government and given that legal marriage entitles those that are married to certain rights and priveleges that might not otherwise be in that society, shouldn't the members of that society determine through its representatives or a referendum, who can be married or what constitutes a marriage? Furthermore, shouldn't this be specific in its constitution so that the courts can enforce (not make) the law as it is written?

  • davidgnews Jun 25, 2008

    pbjbeach - that's a true statement.

    Bob Dole is here for photo ops on behalf of his wife, who's been absent most of the time. Her glossed-over commercials say it all when she won't even speak for herself, at the risk of cracking her latest facelift.

    Hagen's no prize, that's what worries me, too.

  • pbjbeach Jun 25, 2008

    to davidgnews

    the golden is nowdaays is related to corporate america an not the average working stiff on our streets the golden rule goes like this now-day it is he who has the gold rules

  • pbjbeach Jun 25, 2008

    i think it is time for both doles in this state take their b---- to kanas an keep it there i say go , go, go, kay hagen

    thank you

  • doodad Jun 25, 2008

    appman, the whole issue is surrounded by sex. No need to pretend otherwise.

  • APPMAN Jun 25, 2008

    doodad...thats your issue if you can't think of anything but sex.

  • davidgnews Jun 25, 2008

    batcave - LOL, the wrong element is already here. It just manifests itself in different ways.

    I am down with what you say.