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Moore says employees' group lawyer offered him a bribe

Posted June 12, 2008

— Attorneys for State Treasurer Richard Moore say a state employees' group offered him a bribe.

Moore's lawyers said Thursday a lawyer for the State Employees Association of North Carolina offered to end the group's pending lawsuit against Moore he if would publicly endorse a bill sought by the association.

The bill would take away Moore's sole responsibility of the state pension fund and transfer it to a board.

"The real reason for the lawsuit was nothing more than to try to coerce the treasurer of the state of North Carolina for legislation that they want for themselves," Moore's attorney Kieran Shanahan said.

SEANC Executive Director Dana Cope called the bribery allegation preposterous.

"That's ridiculous," Cope said. "It will be thrown out of court."

He said attorney Tom Harris had offered settlement terms to Moore's attorneys but said it was only part of the bargaining to settle the lawsuit out of court.

Superior Court Judge Jim Hardin on Thursday heard Moore's request to dismiss the lawsuit because of Harris' conduct. He didn't immediately issue a ruling.

The association sued Moore several months ago, saying he failed to provide all the public records it sought related to the pension fund he oversees.

The bill at issue would shift authority over that pension fund to a board. Moore is currently the fund's sole trustee.


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  • ThatsRight Jun 13, 2008

    SEANC is a JOKE.

  • gator nation gal Jun 12, 2008

    From a SEANC news alert:
    SEANC was caught off guard last night when an emergency order from Richard Moore’s lawyer Kieran Shanahan (a press-loving showman) was e-mailed to SEANC General Counsel Tom Harris accusing Harris and SEANC, Inc. of trying to bribe Treasurer Moore.

    In an effort to reach a resolution on SEANC’s public records lawsuit against Moore and at the suggestion of Moore’s counsel, SEANC responded with initial settlement discussions. SEANC’s settlement discussions asked Moore to support House Bill 2758, which would take responsibility off of the state treasurer as sole trustee of retirement pension investments and give that control to a board. As a result of the preliminary settlement requests, Moore’s counsel is charging “bribery.”

  • whatusay Jun 12, 2008

    It's called lobbying... Every politician is approached with deals like this everyday.

  • Corvus Jun 12, 2008

    Moore is just trying to prolong handing over the public records! SEANC will not get the records, that they asked for over a year ago, until Moore is out of office. He is hiding something! Good thing he will not be our next Governor.

  • TechRescue Jun 12, 2008

    "SEANC didn't endorse in the Gubernatorial primary."

    They just let the NEA do all of it's dirty work without comment.

  • gator nation gal Jun 12, 2008

    SEANC didn't endorse in the Gubernatorial primary.

  • wdkanesfan Jun 12, 2008

    wcnc...I never said Mr. Moore was a crook. I think he is a great treasurer, and has been a well respected politician. I think he would have and maybe still one day make a good governor. The article fails to mention that SEANC was only asking Mr. Moore to support a change in the pension plan. And the information they are seeking in the documents that they claim they have not received, would make it obivious that a change is needed. SEANC has never said that the pension plan is in trouble because of Mr. Moore.
    In reference to your question about a SEANC endorsement. SEANC's PAC (EMPAC) did not make an endorsement in the primary for Governor.

  • Heatherbrook Jun 12, 2008

    Don't start fooling with State Retiree's pension money. Don't try to fix what AIN'T BROKEN.

  • PearlMonteverde Jun 12, 2008

    OH GOOD GRIEF! This is what politicians do.

  • wcnc Jun 12, 2008

    wdk05- With all of the companies in each mutual fund that is out there, of course there will be a few that have also contributed to Moore's (failed) campaign. To think otherwise would not be living in reality. But that doesn't make Moore a crook.

    Now, promising to do away with a lawsuit in exchange for something else can be considered bribery...... If the reps made this promise to Moore without lawyers, that really makes me think they were trying to bribe him. If their lawyer made the proposal to his lawyers, maybe not.

    I wonder, who did SEANC endorse in the Democratic Governor's race.....My guess is Perdue and this "lawsuit" is nothing more than trying to make Moore look bad....