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House passes its state budget proposal

Posted June 5, 2008


— The House has given final approval to its own budget proposal for the coming year by another wide margin.

The chamber voted 104-10 on Thursday in favor of the $21.3 billion spending plan and sent it to the Senate for consideration. On Wednesday, the House gave initial approval by a similar vote.

The plan would adjust the second year of the current two-year budget and would take effect July 1.

While the bill's passage was largely bipartisan, House Democrats helped push back two Republican amendments.

One would have repealed a provision in last year's budget that gave counties the option to raise land transfer taxes if local voters approved. The other amendment would have required a statewide vote before more than a half-billion dollars in debt would be authorized.


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  • beachboater Jun 5, 2008

    now - You are a very wise person.

  • catwoman1 Jun 5, 2008

    I'm with you Goalieman...I sit in a HOT office everyday and they tell me there's nothing they can do. (80-85degrees) I love my job, but now they don't even want to pay us. Let some of them come sit in my HOT office for just an hour and see how they like it. Thank God I'm on vacation today or I would have passed out by now. Come November, let's get these clowns out of office!

  • af6173 Jun 5, 2008

    It seems like most state employees will get a 2.75% pay raise or $1,100 which ever is greater. Unless you are the Governor and other top officials which all get 2.75% on a six figure salary which is more than $1,100. By the way a new teacher salary goes from $29,750 to $30,220 a whole $470.

  • twixandbetwwen Jun 5, 2008

    Compared to proposed budget by governor weasley, it appears that the house has comed to their and the reason for that is that they know come november a lot of them will not being going back to lane street. It is going to be interesting to see how Rands Raiders are going to try to increase the tax burden on the average citizen of nc.

  • now Jun 5, 2008

    This story has to be incomplete. It didn't say a word about all of the cuts they made in their pork barrel spending. I am sure WRAL will update the story to reflect how responsible our legislators are.

    Everybody that is upset about this needs to show your frustration in November. That is something puzzling to me is how people in NC complain day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year about our elected officials and the insane things they come up with and do. Then, come election time, the same ones are voted right back in and the cycle begins again.

    The politicians (all of them) in downtown Raleigh need to have a house cleaning and we need to get some new blood in there. Most of the highest tax and spend Democrats we had are now in prison so that is one step into cleaning house.

  • patriotsrevenge Jun 5, 2008

    If you look on the NC legislature website it says my rep., Paul Stam, didn't even vote. What a weasley thing to NOT do. His constituents are the ones most affected by the tolls road proposal, and he doesn't even have the guts to try to vote it down. Vote the bum out of office!!! Why isn't he on the 6:00 news screaming his lungs off trying to stop this insanity????

  • Zach1 Jun 5, 2008

    NO TOLLS. What is so difficult to understand?

  • Goalieman Jun 5, 2008

    In their budget, how much of a raise did they give themselves? I wish I could determine what my salary was going to be!