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N.C. Democratic chairman endorses Obama

Posted May 7, 2008

— North Carolina Democratic State Party Chairman and superdelegate Jerry Meek endorsed Sen. Barack Obama on Wednesday, citing his ability to unite Americans for change, expand the map for Democrats in November and inspire new participation in the political process.

"Although my position as state chair has led me to remain neutral through the primary, I’ve quietly celebrated as Barack Obama offered new hope to millions of Americans who have lost faith in the American dream after years of disastrous Republican policies," Meek said in a statement.

Meek said he believes Obama can deliver the state's electoral votes to a Democrat in November and "offers the best chance to take back the White House" and "breathe new life into the Democratic Party."

Obama cruised to a victory Tuesday in the state's primary, capturing 56 percent of the vote to Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton's 42 percent.

Including Meek's endorsement, eight of the state's 17 superdelegates have backed Obama. Three, including Gov. Mike Easley, have endorsed Clinton. (See who's endorsing whom.)

Rep. Heath Shuler, who promised to support the Democratic candidate who won his conservative western district announced Wednesday he would endorse Clinton.

There are now six remaining superdelegates in North Carolina who have not committed to a candidate.

Superdelegates in the Democratic Party are national committee members, mayors, Congress members, big fundraisers and other major players who attend the presidential nominating convention.

According to The Associated Press' tally earlier Wednesday, Obama has 1,840.5 delegates to 1,688 for Clinton. It takes 2,025 delegates to win the nomination in Denver this summer.

Clinton told reporters Wednesday it would take 2,209 or 2,210 delegates to win the nomination, not the 2,025 in use by the Democratic National Committee. The higher total would come into play if the delegations were seated from Michigan and Florida, two states that held primaries outside the time frame that party rules required.


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  • Garnerwolf1 May 8, 2008

    "He has no animosity towards anyone, he loves everyone, not a jealous, racist, mean, demeaning streak in his soul. He is a good man and he makes you proud to be an American."

    You folks starting a new religion?

  • Lyle May 8, 2008

    Anyone who is still delusional enough to think that Hillary is not still fighting for herself, rather than you and your future, think again. It can be same-'ol, same- 'ol, or a brilliant visionary for everyone's future. Tired hateful rednecks need not vote. Obama is the man for this country.

  • Lyle May 8, 2008

    ifcdirector- I woke up, and have had an Obama '08 bumper sticker on my car for 7 months, admire everything about the man and his honesty/vision/integrity, look forward to the man helping to represent the new US order around the globe to repair the horrible Rebublican-led damge inflicted over the past 8 years, his welcome diplomacy as well, his vision for change which I share, and gladly do I avert my attention from hateful ranters such as yourself who remind me so much of what John McCain represents. Your pastor is your business, his was his. He has his own mind and uses it well. Your candidate will not prevail over this fine man. GO OBAMA '08!

  • ifcdirector May 7, 2008

    I don't think I want a President who can't figure out that for over 20 years the sermons he has been listening to in church and supporting with his money in the collection plate were pure unadulterated vitriolic hatred and the worst sort of racism imaginable. I can only imagine the media firestorm that would have occured had any other candidate attended a church where any other race, or this country even, was disparaged in quite the same way. It's either the sheerest form of self-delusion or just downright stupidity or worse still bigotry that would make anyone anywhere in this country cast a vote for Obama. The time for him to have disassociated himself from his pastor was twenty years ago but of course when you get votes and support and clueless people driving around with bumper stickers on your car who cares about your ethical or moral choices or even your ability to listen. I have heard of falling asleep in church but that would have to be a record. Wake up voters.....

  • claudnc May 7, 2008

    Wonderful for OBAMA - I attended the Reynolds center last night and everything was wonderful.

  • iamforjustice May 7, 2008

    I am so proud of Obama. It is refreshing to have someone so honest, wise and smart to lead us. He has no animosity towards anyone, he loves everyone, not a jealous, racist, mean, demeaning streak in his soul. He is a good man and he makes you proud to be an American.

  • For-Better-Or-Worse May 7, 2008

    Hillary needs an ad with Andy Griffith like Bev had. That would win her enough delegates.

  • doodad May 7, 2008

    Who is Dr. John Kagan?

    Did you mean John Hagee perhaps?

  • ckevinc May 7, 2008

    LOL @ kmason... now THAT'S funny. :)

  • kmason910 May 7, 2008

    "To get used to it, I'd start next week taking about 15% out of you paycheck in cash, finding the most undeserving, lazy, out for a handout person, and give it to them."

    I already do, everytime I fill up my gas tank. If Big Oil doesn't qualify, no one does.