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Evangelist Billy Graham in Fair Condition After Brain Surgery

Posted February 13, 2008

— World-renown evangelist Billy Graham is hospitalized in fair condition after a successful surgery to update a shunt in his brain.

Doctors said the 89-year-old Graham was talking immediately after the short surgery performed Wednesday at Mission Hospitals near his home in nearby Montreat.

Graham has hydrocephalus, a buildup of fluid within the brain. The surgery replaced the valve in a shunt installed in 2000 that drains excessive fluid from Graham's brain through a small tube.

"He was bright and alert and conscious immediately after surgery and called me by name," said Dr. Ralph C. Loomis, who replaced the valve.

The tube runs down his head and neck and into the abdominal cavity, where the fluid is absorbed by his body. The new valve can be programmed externally to maintain desired fluid levels and pressure in Graham's brain.

In August, Graham, who has suffered from a variety of ailments including Parkinson's disease and age-related macular degernaterion, was hospitalized for several days for intestinal bleeding.

Throughout his six-decade career, the North Carolina native has served as a pastor and sometime political adviser to a parade of presidents. His career has taken him across the world to preach to more than 200 million people.

His wife of 64 years, Ruth Bell Graham, died June 14 after a lengthy illness.


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  • haggis basher Feb 14, 2008

    "How can you believe in the Lord All Mighty and live such a faithful life as Rev. Graham has and not be doing an "honest days work"?"
    What you believe and how you live has nothing to do with how much you work. If you consider receiving hundreds of thousands of dollars a year for doing nothing, honest then you are right.
    He has not done appreciable work for the charity for many years now (His health has not allowed him to) and has continued to be paid handsomely all the same. This is illegal under the rules under which a charity must be run. It is only his status as a living "Saint" that allows this to go unquestioned. This money could have saved or improved countless lives, who knows, maybe even a soul or two if you believe in such things but no it has gone into the Family pockets. Billy is far from the worst of the religious crooks and perhaps this has happened without his knowledge, but getting rich out of other folks gullibility is not a virtue in my book.

  • Stormy13 Feb 14, 2008

    basher: How can you believe in the Lord All Mighty and live such a faithful life as Rev. Graham has and not be doing an "honest days work"?

  • haggis basher Feb 14, 2008

    The old mans had a good innings.
    Have a look at the accounts of his organisation before you are so quick to give your blessings.....They are making personal millions, and Billy himself has continued to be paid hundreds of thousands a year despite doing almost nothing for years for the "Charity". This is a violation of rules by which a Charity is run but I'm not holding my breath that anyone will be brave enough to do anything about it.....
    Also why do you think the Son wanted his Mom buried at the library? He probably wanted to to create an ongoing revenue as a religious "Graceland". wouldn't want to actually have to do some honest work for a living. Its much easier living off the gullible.

  • Sandollar Feb 13, 2008

    My prayers go out to Rev. Graham. He has been a true inspiration to persons beleiving in God. God Bless him.