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Alleged Charlotte Prostitution Ring Had Raleigh Clients

Posted November 7, 2007
Updated November 8, 2007

— Three people charged with running a prostitution ring that catered to affluent clients in the Charlotte area also had clients from Raleigh, according to a 10-page complaint filed in federal court last week.

Glenn Alvin Fox, of Taylorsville, and Donald Verdery Saxon, 52, and Sallie Wamsley Saxon, 57, of Charlotte, were charged with coercing women to cross state lines to engage in prostitution.

A sworn statement by FBI Agent David Drew said Sallie Saxon, also known as Sallie Wamsley, arranged for women to travel from Canada, Asia, Brazil and major U.S. cities. Drew said in his statement that the alleged ring was connected to a Web site for an escort service.

The site advertises a secret club "not available to the public."

Clients paid as much as $4,000 for an overnight stay to $10,000 for a weekend, according to the complaint. No names are listed, only initials.

Donald Saxon allegedly picked up money from the prostitutes, including a woman identified as CS1 in the documents, who cooperated with the FBI. She said she made about $160,000 last year after paying 30 percent to Sallie Saxon.

The woman went to the FBI after she was paid an advance fee of $2,150 to perform a sexual act for a client, but refused to do it and couldn't repay the money, the statement said. The FBI repaid the fee.

The woman also told the FBI she was scheduled for two weeks of work at a time and saw an average of two clients a day, according to the statement.

The FBI complaint said Fox, 58, was paid $32,000 last year for taking nude photos of the women.

Fox was released on bond. No one at his photo studio would comment on the case Wednesday.

Sallie Saxon was denied bond Thursday morning, while Donald Saxon was released on a $100,000 unsecured bond. He was placed under house arrest with electronic monitoring and was barred from using computers.

A judge also approved the FBI's request to seize the Saxons' home on the grounds it was involved in a conspiracy to launder money.

Attorney Pete Anderson said his firm represents Donald Saxon, who has no prior criminal record "and obviously is presumed innocent."

Local authorities had received tips about a prostitution ring catering to affluent clients as far back as 2000.


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  • jeffthompson Nov 8, 2007

    Just more bad publicity for Charlotte...and not deserved. Charlotte is a WONDERFUL city to live is jut that anything bad that happens in Charlotte...Raleigh and other cities dive on it to publicize any negative news about Charlotte...every city has their problems.

  • jeffthompson Nov 8, 2007

    Oldest profession in the world...and HIGH end prostitution has been going on for many many years here in Charlotte...they go to the Very High end hotels in Uptown & Southpark and find business...if someone is dumb enough to pay thousands for a quickie...then let them spend there money.

  • Panther Nov 8, 2007

    Every election time we see a bust of prostitution and shot houses. It’s a PR stunt for sheriffs and politicians to claim that their doing part to clean up the hood. This time it’s the FBI so that means it must be a congressman or senator behind this. Legalize prostitution and tax the H*ll out of it. Maybe this will cut down on other taxes we have and STD’s. remember Prostitution is the oldest business in the world.

  • Timbo Nov 8, 2007

    Exactly, iamforjustice.

  • ptahandatum Nov 8, 2007

    "Since we've already paid for it anyway, I can't wait to see the john list. I wonder how many of them are politicians." What about the religious ones too? Oh, that's right, they depend on their congregations for their sex.

  • shoyaryt Nov 8, 2007

    The Moonlite Bunny Ranch in Nevada, is already a legal brothel here in the US and has been for quite some time now.

  • wrx44 Nov 8, 2007

    Who Cares?.....why is this illegal to start with. Consenting adults...again, who cares?

  • iamforjustice Nov 8, 2007

    Prostitution actually saves marriages. IMHO I wish prostitution was legalized and then the women could be tested for STD's and then they wouldn't have to worry about being beat up by a john and they would get paid and take out taxes and give them a 401 plan and major medical benefits for their families.

  • rogerkneebend Nov 8, 2007

    Donna Summer - "Bad Girls"

  • Granny Nov 8, 2007

    Hasn't anyone heard of STD???? There's some sick and weird people in this world.