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Man Wanted for Killing Raleigh Teen Arrested in New Jersey

Posted June 23, 2007
Updated June 24, 2007

— A man wanted for killing a Raleigh teenager is now in custody after authorities found him in a New Jersey motel.

Officers from the U.S. Marshals Service's NY/NJ Regional Fugitive Task Force arrested Rahfaan Yamar Ali, 34, at the Nirdip Motel at about 1 p.m. Thursday, according to the Marshals Service's Trenton office.

Marshals from Raleigh figured out Ali's whereabouts and contacted the Trenton office, according to Deputy U.S. Marshal Mike Schroeder.

Ali is the latest in a string of arrests related to a May 1 shooting at a Raleigh apartment complex.

Gunfire wounded Milagros Ortega when she opened the door to her apartment. Her 13-year-old daughter, Gelnirys Ortega, was fatally shot in the head.

Raleigh authorities had already charged six men in connection with the shooting, two of them as accessories after the fact.

Ali was being held at the Burlington County jail, awaiting extradition, Schroeder said.


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  • Kane Jun 25, 2007

    I thought they were shot in their home. I believe that's what the video is saying. It's just so senseless.

  • ladyblue Jun 25, 2007

    Shine--That's was my dad's nick name. As to your question We have no motive yet. I'm sure when the plea bargin is made and it gets to trial we will hear something. Some people don't need a motive because they think it's cute and makes them big bad men to sling that gun around. But they usually cry like babies when the situation is reversed. I also agree with the post that some people are so stupid they think everythig is about black and white. Plenty of people have umpteen names when they are crooks, not only muslems. It's not illegal to change your name for any reason as long as it's done legal. Crooks do't worr5y wbout legalities of anything.

  • shine Jun 25, 2007

    Did they say the motive for the shooting????

  • Seeminglyopposed Jun 25, 2007

    Cryshame that was a stupid, racial, idiotic post that you just made. A great deal of blacks do not change their name to Muslims names to run from jail. Gracious, does stupid is what does ever stop on these post. What do whites change their names to when they want to run from being caught. Since you can gain more names and ss cards without a bat of an eye makes it easier that you don't have to change you alls. I am not racist, I may be black and I may be white, but one thing we all know that reads this, I am a human. And keeping it at that tends to be hard for some people.

  • ladyblue Jun 25, 2007

    A car load of people riding by and shooting usually refers to a gang shooting after someone or just shooting innocents to get their kicks. Other previous articles stated the fact of the gangs.

  • ladyblue Jun 25, 2007

    If I'm not wrong the woman and child were not in the house but were walking on the sidewalk in front of the house these scumbags were shooting at. They probably didn't care if or who they hit anyway. It probably like any other neighborhoods where the good people have to live where they can afford and the druggie gangs move in and try to take over the place dealing and killing. It's a sad thing because this little girl was a good child from the reports said about her. It's nalways not someone's fault that they have to live where they do but where they can afford.

  • radical1 Jun 25, 2007

    what makes anyone think this was a gang shooting?

  • Scarecrow Cow Jun 24, 2007

    Refiman2, you're probably right. Someone in that house may have been involved with a gang and a 13-year-old girl who lived with them paid the price when his enemies came by to shoot whoever they could. It is so tragic to see children and innocents attacked because people around them want to be lowlife thugs.

  • floyd_lawson Jun 24, 2007

    How many grown men does it take to kill a 13 year old girl? What cowards!!!

  • Refiman2 Jun 24, 2007

    Anybody know why these thugs were shooting at this house. These people, in the house, may not have been so innocent. Rarely do you hear about drive by shootings on people who are not in gangs. If they were gang members, live by the sword, die by the sword