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Wolfpack Coach's Son Had Previous Brushes with Law

Posted March 28, 2007

— North Carolina State coach Sidney Lowe asked Wolfpack fans for "support and understanding" Wednesday in the wake of his son's being charged with crimes ranging from armed robbery to drug possession.

"This is a difficult time for my son, myself and my family," Lowe said in a statement issued by the school. "We appreciate the support and understanding of the Wolfpack family."

On Tuesday, University of North Carolina at Greensboro police said 21-year-old Sidney Lowe II was charged with nine counts, including a felony of aiding and abetting attempted armed robbery in connection the shooting of a man in a campus dorm Saturday.

Locke Clifford, the younger Lowe's attorney, said Greensboro city police also filed 13 charges against his client in connection with an incident March 16.

Clifford said Sidney Lowe II is charged with six counts of robbery with a dangerous weapon, six counts of second-degree kidnapping and one count of assault inflicting serious bodily injury. He said Lowe and another man are accused of going to a house with six people in it and striking one of them on the head with a bottle.

"We understand what a difficult time this must be for the Lowe family," North Carolina State Athletic Director Lee Fowler said. "I have spoken with Sidney and assured him that we support our coach and will do what we can for him and his family as they deal with this situation."

Lowe did not spend the night in jail, though it took more than five hours and 14 bail bondsmen to come up with the required portion of his $450,000 secured bond. The elder Lowe was in Greensboro with his son at the magistrate's office.

"He is presumed innocent, and he says he is innocent of these charges," Clifford said.

A search of court records showed Lowe received prayer for judgement on previous assault and drug charges. WRAL talked to Darryl Robinson, Lowe's basketball coach at Leesville Road High School, where he played during the 2002-03 season. Robinson said he knows the Lowe family very well and is surprised by the latest developments.

"He's a young man," Robinson said. "He's not an angel or anything. The little spats or little trouble he got into, I mean, I've had guys get into more trouble than he did here."

The other charges filed by UNC Greensboro police include: two counts of possession of a weapon on educational property; possession with intent to sell and deliver marijuana; maintaining a dwelling for the keeping and selling of a controlled substance; possession of between a half-ounce and 1.5 ounces of marijuana; and three counts of stolen goods or property.

The charges were filed Monday after police searched Lowe's home in Greensboro, they said. Lowe was enrolled last year at North Carolina A&T University, but is no longer a student there.

The campus shooting occurred Saturday inside Weil Hall at UNC-Greensboro. Freshman Stephen Cobb of Raleigh suffered gunshot wounds that were described as not life-threatening. Officoals at Moses Cone Hospital have refused to disclose his condition or say if he is still a patient.

Brian Patrick Martin, 19, of Greensboro, was arrested soon after the shooting on charges of attempted murder and attempted robbery.


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  • kingtee76 Apr 4, 2007

    GirlJackets, i'm a have to ask you to proof read what you have typed before you post it. And some of them word need some s's at the end of them to make them plural.

  • Jackaroo Mar 30, 2007

    Jr. is a punk, in need of some tuff love and time behind bars. There is tooooo much smoke in the last five years of his life for there not to be a fire. If somehow he weasles out of this, we will be reading about him again in coming years. Can we say Washburn?

  • Tarheel born Mar 29, 2007

    Jackaroo, If Coach Lowe's house is valued at $800k and he owes $700k on it, he could get a tax statement indicating that he could sign a 'secured bond' for $100k. Since he's probably like most of us and mortgaged up to our necks, he apparently had to get a total of 14 bail bondsmen to make up the total of $450k secured bond. Although he may have had the $67k to pay them all, it has been my experience that bondsmen will take car titles, securities, etc. just to secure their "investment" until all the criminal trials are over and Jr. has met all of his court appearances. Sorry, I didn't intend to get so involved with this aspect. But Coach Lowe certainly has plenty of incentive to see that Jr. gets to court on time everytime. And so do the bondsmen.

  • Jackaroo Mar 29, 2007

    For PD martin...I do not disagree with anything you said...never did. For Tarheel born, Wake tax records value Sr's house at over $800,000 according to an earlier comment. If what you say is true please explain why Sr paid a total of over $67,000 to 14 different bail bondmen, non-refundable. I am glad Sr is a coach and not a financial advisor. I do have great respect for Sr. as a coach... and as a person. Due to his NBA coaching, he was an absentee father during critical years for Jr. I realize there are many exceptional mothers, who can handle the job alone. In todays culture, that becomes MUCH more difficult...the crime stats do not lie. The incarceration (sp) stats do not lie. I have no problem with parents standing behind their children...I have a problem with the shame he brought on them (this not the first time), and I await justice being served. I suspect the parents are second-guessing what they could have done differently, as they should.

  • Aruba Mar 29, 2007

    To PDMartin
    No you would not. Comments like that either come from: A- People that do not have children. B- People that have young children. Or C- People that have teenagers or young adults that they "think" are perfect.
    Children will screw up. No, maybe not attempted murder, or home invasion, but something that will make you wonder where this child came from.

  • jannisheart Mar 29, 2007

    Girljackets I went to school in South Carolina and my spelling "ain't" great but you might want to rethink your classes and take some spelling, English 101, 102 or whatever they offer now days. Support the kid all you want there may be two sides to this story. One of guilt, HE DID IT and one of NOT guilty. I'm sure he's guilty of something or else his face would not be plastered all over the papers and televisions. REALITY CHECK!!!!

  • Low Voltage Mar 29, 2007

    Coach Lowe is a class act. It's unfortunate he and his family are having to deal with this. Sid II probably had a good upbringing but lost his way somewhere along the line. This should be a cheap lesson for anyone out there thinking they can get away with anything!

  • Dayum Krazy Mar 29, 2007

    appreciate that WarrenG...glad to know that a few of us including Heels1 are on the same page

  • Coach K is GREAT Mar 29, 2007

    Girljacket... PLEEEEEEEEEEEASEEEE take more english classes at UNCG. Sometimes words need to be made PLURAL, and sometimes you have to use an S an the end of a word.
    English 101.

  • Tackman792000 Mar 29, 2007

    You know the bad thing about this whole affair is that some of you have already tried, convicted and sentenced young Sidney to prison. I do agree that he made some bad choices, but let's let the legal system play out and if he's fairly convicted, then we can bash him. Just remember: it's not his parents' fault. Young Sidney is old enough to be responsible for his decisions, whether good or bad. He the one who will have to pay the consequences if he's convicted.