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N.C. unemployment rate climbs to 9.7 percent

Posted September 21, 2012

— The jobs situation in North Carolina worsened in August, increasing slightly to 9.7 percent from 9.6 percent in July.

The rate is seasonally adjusted for a variety of economic factors and is considered a more reliable measure of the true jobs picture than the unadjusted rate.

A year ago, the jobless rate was 10.7 percent, the North Carolina Department of Commerce Labor and Economic Analysis Division noted in the new report released Friday morning.

North Carolina continues to have one of the worst jobless rates in the country. Nationally, unemployment stood at 8.1 percent last month.

“Looking at the data long-term, North Carolina has added nearly 98,000 nonfarm jobs since January 2010,” said N.C. Department of Commerce Deputy Secretary Dale Carroll. “Our workforce partners and our employment service offices across our state are committed to helping employers put citizens back to work in North Carolina.”

Total nonfarm industry employment did increase by 1,100 to just above 3.95 million, based on a survey of businesses, the state said.

However, the number of people listed as unemployed grew by 5,952 to 451,642.

Most of the addition jobs came in government, which added 8,400 positions.

The "other services" category reported 1,200 more jobs. Professional and business services added 800, education and health services increased by 600, and information employment grew by 300.

The biggest drops came in construction (3,400), trade, transportation and utilities (2,500), manufacturing (2,300), and financial activities (1,000.).


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  • storchheim Sep 21, 2012

    apexwhimsy, when people use those terms, I think they too are referring exclusively to women who push out babies, illegals, those who could work or work under the table, who "hide" money in gold chains for toddlers because jewelry isn't counted among the applicant's assets - people who scam. They're not talking about people who have become victims of this economy, except again maybe those who knowingly gambled on a way-too-big house or name-brand college degree, then suddenly had no income. I think the line is drawn when the recip is dishonest about it.

  • WooHoo2You Sep 21, 2012

    Well WhooHoo2You... that's what it says in the article so I would hope the person who reported it has the source-justcommonsense

    I was not questioning this *weeks* numbers but Nancy's comment " Still the largest growth sector for jobs." The word "still" (as in normally) is inaccurate to say the least.

    BTW, so this article from WRAL is not 'liberal media lies?' I can never keep track...

  • apexwhimsy Sep 21, 2012

    I'm sitting here reading these comments, and I have to ask those who feel the need to use the term "leech" and "entitlements" and "freebies". Are there any situations where you feel it is okay to have assistance? Assistance in any form is almost always taken advantage of if it is possible, but does that mean that every single person on unemployment, food stamps, etc is a drain on society? What would you suggest then?

    It's very easy to speak from the top of the mountain when you have never been in the valley. Not everyone is the same, just because you did it does not mean the entire country can. And I'm not talking about the women who continually push out babies to keep on public assistance, or illegal immigrants. I'm talking about your neighbor who abruptly lost his job and has to file unemployment and put his family on food stamps to survive.

  • justcommonsense Sep 21, 2012

    Well WhooHoo2You... that's what it says in the article so I would hope the person who reported it has the source

  • WooHoo2You Sep 21, 2012

    "Most of the addition jobs came in government, which added 8,400 positions."

    Still the largest growth sector for jobs. That's not good.-Nancy

    Care to backup that wild claim (especially with all the government cutbacks) or is that too much to ask?

  • kidsrn Sep 21, 2012

    For those of you who are wondering why corporations who have made record profits but are not hiring---it is simple. They are very cautious and concerned as to what will happen after the election. If Obama is re-elected then there will surely be an increase in taxes as well as having to deal with the ramifications of Obamacare. Which, once it fully goes into effect in 2014, will have ALL of us in serious trouble. People have NO CLUE what is about to happen. I am saving all the money I can too---not only because there is no such thing as job security anymore, but because I have a terrible feeling that this country is going to explode and quite soon!!

  • mautry Sep 21, 2012

    I'm going lower case on this one. I'm a simple person. Can someone tell me the case for trade agreements? All North Carolina has done since NAFTA is export jobs to other countries that return their merchandise to the U.S. to unemployed Americans who can't afford it. It might make sense if they sold it for the pennies on the dollar that they get it made for. The CFTA has already cost NC 600 jobs, forgot where but they made medical supplies. That is not free trade that is economic suicide. I understand the reasoning but it simply is not working except for the third world, which we will soon be a member of.

  • storchheim Sep 21, 2012

    "Yes UNC, the Fed Reserve is doing exactly the opposite of what it was created to do. Printing more money is not the answer." wakeupnow

    True. It used to be that the Fed bought T-bills, thereby handing the money to the Treasury; now they're just handing the money directly to the banks by buying up the bad mortgages directly.

  • storchheim Sep 21, 2012

    " The state Republican led legislature hurt NC by cutting state jobs in the middle of the recession and this has led to the ongoing high unemployment rate in this state." - trubtold

    You can't seriously mean that you think it was better to pay their salaries and then their lifetime health insurance so they'd spend a pittance at your store, or that laying off govt emps CAUSED a 9.7 UE rate.

  • Nancy Sep 21, 2012

    "Most of the addition jobs came in government, which added 8,400 positions."

    Still the largest growth sector for jobs. That's not good.