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NC crime lab has less staff, money but more work

Posted August 19, 2012
Updated August 20, 2012

— Court cases are being put on hold for a year or more awaiting results from North Carolina's State Crime Laboratory, which is struggling with less staff and money and more evidence to analyze and legal requirements to fulfill.

Lab director Joseph R. John Sr. said that an increase in evidence submitted for testing also has led to long wait times for analysis. The lab's budget is $13.3 million, down from $13.6 million. Since 2009-10, the crime lab staff has decreased to 124 from 130.

John said there are only 12 toxicologists for the entire state, compared with about 20,000 law enforcement officers.

"If (each officer were to) work one DWI case a year, we're overwhelmed. We've got to have more numbers to work these cases," he said. "I don't challenge them on the statements that they are waiting longer. They are. It is not through lack of effort on our part."

An even bigger problem is a 2009 U.S. Supreme Court ruling requiring analysts to testify about their work in person if the defense objects to the admission of the test results alone. Analysts are now spending four times as many hours traveling all over the state to testify, John said, noting that that's time they can't spend processing evidence.

The number of court hours, including travel, for forensic toxicologists in Raleigh grew from fewer than 700 in 2009 to more than 2,400 hours in 2010.

"Everybody here is on mandatory overtime. We're doing the absolute very best we can do with the numbers we have," he said.

John asked lawmakers for more money this year to expand the SBI's Western lab and add more analysts. House budget-writer Rep. Leo Daughtry said the funds just weren't available.

"The emphasis was so much on education that the courts just didn't do very well in the mix," said Daughtry, R-Johnston, who said lawmakers would try to secure more money for the crime lab next year.

John said the General Assembly has authorized a study of expanding the Asheville crime lab, which doesn't do blood toxicology testing now. The agency will report to the Senate and House committees early next year.

In western North Carolina, driving while impaired cases are being continued while prosecutors wait for test results. Earlier this month in Haywood County, prosecutors dismissed a DWI case against a man who had two prior convictions.

Prosecutors waited six months for the test results and another eight trying to get the former analyst who performed the test to testify. The analyst who did the testing left her job at the crime lab and didn't accept subpoenas sent via certified mail, said Haywood County District Attorney Mike Bonfoey. Without the analyst, prosecutors could not use the results of the blood test.

John said his office was not made aware of that situation.

He said the lab has intervened in the past to make sure a former employee testified, but "this person is not our employee anymore, and there's not a great deal we can do, other than appeal to their best civic interest and responsibility, and we're willing to do what we can."

The problems have increased interest in a lab in Asheville that could handle blood testing in cases like DWI and make it easier to arrange for lab employees to testify.

"The main thing that could happen to help western North Carolina is to expand the lab here," Buncombe County District Attorney Ron Moore said.

Wake County will open its own toxicology lab next month to remove its cases from the backlog at the crime lab, District Attorney Colon Willoughby said.

"There's more work to do, fewer people to do it and greater demands on what those people have to do," Willoughby said of the state lab. "It pinches the folks, and what happens is, the public loses because some of these drunk drivers and folks are getting off because of it."


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  • Alex25 Aug 20, 2012

    How do we compare to previous 3-5 yrs of funding? Funding compared to other states? Are crime rates up or down? Does the SBI have too much already? How much does it really take?

    Tax Payers are BROKE.

  • jjsmith1973 Aug 20, 2012

    Also maybe more than 2/3 of the ones they do have should worry about passing there job review test on policy and procedures that they seemed to have failed horribly. The ones they have are horrible at the job why hire more with those standards

  • jjsmith1973 Aug 20, 2012

    Well lets see DWI is clogging the system. Then stop the silly practice of DWI being the only crime you refuse to plea. That have special rules that make it almost impossible to plea. V second does it really matter even when they had more staff they just made up evidence anyway

  • Screw WrAl Aug 20, 2012

    So what, we all have less to do more with. Try filling up your car, that should tell you something.

  • trainloadr Aug 20, 2012

    More money is not always the answer to a problem. I think we have seen, in the past, that the crime lab was lacking in trained or efficient personnel. From what I have seen it is the closet thing to politics that one can get without running for office. Has anyone checked the efficiency of our crime lab. I know it is not possible but I think privativation would be a lot more efficient, you know, work for what you earn.

  • Uhavenoclu Aug 20, 2012

    Guess why there is more crime and murder suicides and assaults and the suspects are out shopping at HT.

  • dollibug Aug 20, 2012

    *****Sounds like the private sector

    **the private sector is doing fine....I think this is what we have been told recently....I think it was o who actually made the comment....

  • dollibug Aug 20, 2012

    *** Justice is just not that important in NC.

    Was Justice ever considered to be an important factor????

  • Rebelyell55 Aug 20, 2012

    "Law enforcement is not something you can make saving on just to make a 0.25% cut in sales tax!"

    Crabbit Cratur
    August 20, 2012 10:47 a.m.....You assume too much. No where have I seen a posting about a .25% sales tax. I'm betting you support the "across the board" pay raise for state excutives that was given this year? Yet the news was full of stories about abust, mis-management and waste in a lot of agencies. But as a troll, I'm sure none of this matter so long as your ego is stroked by your own imagniation.

  • Crabbit Cratur Aug 20, 2012

    "Things might get done quicker if some of the state employees regarded what they do as a job not a free ride."

    Please show us how you know that this is a bigger problem for the state than it is for any business....

    " I'm sorry but there are just too many working for the state, in various positions, who seem to feel they are entitled to a paycheck without doing the work."

    Again, please show us this is the case....

    " Now I'm not saying ALL state employees are that way but some are and need to be gotten rid of."

    You seem to me implying that its worse with State employees and I'm very curious how you know this?
    Could it be thats its simply the miserably low wages that are responsible? Taxpayers are perhaps getting what they pay for.....