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911 call: Man killed girlfriend on Outer Banks vacation

Posted July 10, 2012
Updated July 11, 2012

— The brother of a man who authorities consider a person of interest in the disappearance of a 33-year-old Ohio woman called police to say that his sibling told him he strangled her.

In a 911 recording provided by the Ashland County Sheriff's Office, 31-year-old Jacob Summerfield told an emergency dispatcher that his brother, whom he identifies as Nate Summerfield, returned without his ex-girlfriend from vacation in North Carolina.

"I wanted to report a possible murder," Jacob Summerfield said in the call. "My brother was in North Carolina with his ex-girlfriend and he came back and said he strangled her."

Jacob Summerfield then said his brother left his parents' home in Ashland.

"He just took off," he said, before saying he had no idea where his brother may have gone.

Ashland County sheriff's Capt. Carl Richert said his office was working with the Dare County Sheriff's Office on the disappearance of Lynn Jackenheimer of Ashland, who traveled 500 miles to the Nags Head area and was last seen in the Salvo area of Hatteras Island on July 4.

Crews from the Dare Sheriff’s Office, National Park Service, Nags Head Police Department and the Kill Devil Hills Police Department were looking for Jackenheimer's remains.

Authorities say she went on vacation with her two children and her boyfriend but didn't return with them. Police said Nate Summerfield returned the children to the Ashland area and left them with his family.

They described him as a person of interest in Jackenheimer's disappearance.

Police are seeking any tips about the whereabouts of Jackenheimer, who is about 5-foot-8 with brown hair and blue eyes.

Richert said deputies have Nate Summerfield's cellphone and surveillance video showing him driving a 2009 dark metallic gray four-door Honda Civic at an Ashland Bank around 10 a.m. Sunday.

The cellphone was obtained in Ashland, but Richert declined to specify the details.

More than 150 friends, relatives and supporters gathered for a candle-lit prayer vigil Monday night. The vigil was led by Rev. Sanford Mitchell of Trinity Lutheran Church, where Jackenheimer attended youth group activities.

Dare County authorities are asking local residents and anyone who might have met the couple to contact the sheriff's office at 252-475-5980.


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  • Obama our Savior Jul 12, 2012

    Why don't police look for the trail of scavenger crabs? That's where her body is.

  • johnnyislate Jul 12, 2012

    What? No claims he's being railroaded by corrupt cops and a conspiracy to frame him by a vengeful family? Talk about falling down on the job, goloers.

  • whatever02 Jul 12, 2012

    Paddie you are right - I'm sorry - I did get the two confused. Kudos to the brother!! That took guts.

  • StandFast Jul 12, 2012

    What does it take, beyond a confession, to move from "person of interest" to "suspect"?


    That would be called due process

  • StandFast Jul 12, 2012

    Just love it when people start posting tag numbers...give it to the cops..not post it a shame if that wasnt correct huh?
    This story sux, but sadly, it happens in EVERY state in these United States so to claim NC is different is rediculous.

  • paddie Jul 12, 2012

    whatever02...those pictures were posted on Nate Summerfields fb page, not his brother, Jacob. I think you have them confused. Jacob's FB page is private.

  • storchheim Jul 12, 2012

    Maybe there are so few comments because there are so many women murdered by their "relationships".

  • whatever02 Jul 12, 2012

    such a sad story. those poor children. and you know what's weird. Apparently the brother was in Nags Head too. There are photos of him with the kids on his facebook page taken July 2 on the beach in Salvo OBX and he checked in at Nags Head. things that make you go hmmmmm

  • Scubagirl Jul 12, 2012

    "But it's amazing there are so few comments to this story. With all the armchair detectives and wannabe medical examiners we have here on WRAL, it's strange to have only 24 comments on a story that' s been up for almost 24 hours.

    Come on people! Let's hear some vague speculation and expert testimony.

    you must not spend a lot of time here....WRAL is known for deleting all comments after changing just one word of a story. I dare say there are probably more comments out there, plus quite a few that didn't get past the censors. [[this one might not either]

  • Cahulawassee Jul 12, 2012

    What does it take, beyond a confession, to move from "person of interest" to "suspect"?