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Trial for Perdue associates goes forward

Posted May 16, 2012

— Judge Abraham Jones ruled Wednesday that the charges against two associates of Gov. Bev Perdue should stand.

Trawick "Buzzy" Stubbs Jr., once a law partner to the governor's deceased first husband, and Juleigh Sitton of Morganton, a former Perdue aide, are accused of violating campaign finance laws by helping Perdue with travel during her 2008 campaign for governor.

Stubbs is charged with providing Perdue with more than $28,000 in undisclosed flights from early 2007 until just before the November 2008 election, paying for them through his law firm. Sitton is accused of causing Perdue's campaign to file false reports and hiding some income she got while working for Perdue's campaign.

Lawyers for the two defendants argued separately the charges should be dismissed because they should be prosecuted in their home counties, not Wake County. They also said Wake County District Attorney Colon Willoughby lacked the authority to ask a State Bureau of Investigation agent to assist him with the case.

Perdue hasn't been charged with any wrongdoing in the case, and Willoughby has said she wasn't the focus of his investigation. Willoughby said interviews with Stubbs and Perdue, who are friends, show the governor had no knowledge of Stubbs' flight activities. 


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  • pbjbeach May 17, 2012

    any political trial in this sate with politicans envolved in it is't anything but for show trial to the general public to try an convince the citizens that something that is really being done about the corruotion within sttae government wheather it is republican or demcrats envolved in these matters it is all just a kangroo trial for show as that these politican have in most cases allready been in contact thru their attorneys with some judge in the political system an deals have already been cut prior to them ever seting foot in the actual courtroom before any jury or any one else for that matter these thing in most cases are allready cut an dried done deals way ahead of time .that is the way thing get done in this state as i have been witness to first hand . for i was sold out to the politicans in a employment issue before a judge before it ever went to trial as that i couldn' tan wasn't allowed to have a jury trial over employment issues where that the NCDOT WOULD have been the re

  • federalsales2 May 17, 2012

    They will never do anything to these guys or Perdue... But if we do it we get the hammer........... A Bunch of Crocks.............

  • muggs May 17, 2012

    A tar and feather party should be held,for these and the others who have lived off taxpayers funds for years,she should not be allowed to finish out her term.

  • MadMaxx May 17, 2012

    When is Bev going to be charged in the flights she received and failed to report? Soon I hope!

  • OALA May 17, 2012

    IF... if Edwards or any of these crooked associates of hers actually get convicted, you can bet (atleast I would) good money that Bev will give each of the a pardon on her last day in office....

  • less_govt_is_better_govt May 17, 2012

    OH by the way Bev, ignorance is no excuse for breaking the law! - Chatham Rebel
    May 17, 2012 12:32 p.m

    It is when the crooked snake DA Colon Willoughby who has yet to endure the FEDERAL investigation which would prove his guilt turns a blind eye to Bev's conduct. The only way to really nail her would be for her to testify and Colon knows that. But he would make sure his buddy the judge cut her a backdoor deal before he would do so

  • Chatham Rebel May 17, 2012

    I have decided that IF we would pass an amendment that NO lawyer could run for public office this might stop a lot of this corruption. Seems every time we we get a lawyer in something like this happens. OH by the way Bev, ignorance is no excuse for breaking the law! Try that in traffic court sometime.

  • Chatham Rebel May 17, 2012

    "Bev needs to move to Mississippii." ConservativeVoter

    Now why would you wish THAT off on Mississippi???? She just needs to LEAVE!

  • michele21179 May 17, 2012

    famous last words..."I don't recall" They are following the Edwards trial very closely...if he out...

  • kermit60 May 17, 2012

    Sad thing but it seems to be the norm for politics especially in NC. Sort of like UNC and sports.