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Some soldiers unhappy with Bragg's transition battalion

Posted April 10, 2012

— Some soldiers are unhappy with Fort Bragg's Warrior Transition Battalion, saying its leaders wrongly accuse troops of faking illness or injury to prevent them from getting full military benefits.

The Fayetteville Observer reported ( about two dozen soldiers or family members spoke out about the battalion at a meeting Monday.

Nine soldiers indicated the military has accused them of faking illness or injury in an effort to receive some form of benefit.

Battalion officers said they expect that an inspected ordered by the Fort Bragg commander in February will find no wrongdoing.

A report on the inspection is scheduled to be released to the public by April 18. Lt. Col. Frank Helmick called for the inspection after hearing from Vickie Ray, of Texas, a leader of a group of advocates.

Ray said her organization of about 75 advocates wants to find legal representation for soldiers.

The Warrior Transition Battalion was created in 2007 in response to the scandal over shoddy conditions at Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington, D.C. Fort Bragg's unit is among more than 30 across the Army.

The battalion helps soldiers, many of whom were wounded in combat, navigate the medical system and monitor their progress and treatment.


Information from: The Fayetteville Observer


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  • mercierarmory Apr 11, 2012

    That's funny. When we processed through Ft. Stewart GA upon coming back from Iraq one of the people in our briefings there told us to flat out lie that we had ringing in our ears so that we could get VA benefits. How sad is that?

  • Quagmire Apr 10, 2012

    The choice is $38 a month for Tricare Prime or wait all day at Womack.

  • sunshine1040 Apr 10, 2012

    This is now how the goverment says Thank You for trying to defend our country. Take a hike and so sorry you think you got hurt. As for tricare now its now there is no space availble for those that retired so pay your insurance premiums and your co pays

  • thackerb Apr 10, 2012

    What is said below is very true about throwing out medical records, I can personally verify this. They manipulate records and diagnosis however is most convenient for whoever is holding the ball of bureaucratic power at that stage in the process.

  • Quagmire Apr 10, 2012

    This is what you have to look forward to with socialized healthcare. dcatz

    Actually it looks like they are using the HMO model.

  • dcatz Apr 10, 2012

    This is what you have to look forward to with socialized healthcare.

    In Sweden, for example, you might actually be forced to argue with the 112 (911 equivalent) operator because they don't believe you need help.

    See :

    Numerous examples.

  • Quagmire Apr 10, 2012

    I would advise any wounder warrior to seek civilian legal counsel before signing anything.

  • Testjmpr13 Apr 10, 2012

    Not only will they accuse the soldiers of faking they will throw out medical records so that they have no proof for their VA claims as well. They will also put terminal soldiers out of the Army so that they do not have to pay the insurance claim. They do the same to their dependants as well. Every soldier getting out needs to find a retiree to talk to before they get out.