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Perdue asks sterilization victims to come forward

Posted March 19, 2012

— Gov. Beverly Perdue is asking victims of North Carolina's forced sterilization program to come forward as she puts together a budget that includes compensation for them.

Perdue said Monday that she's including compensation in her next budget. The N.C. Justice for Sterilization Victims Foundation has verified 111 people who were sterilized in 48 counties.

Wake County ranks third statewide with nine verified cases, trailing Lenoir County, where the Caswell Center is located, with 18 and Mecklenburg County, which had the highest number of procedures in the state, with 10.

Buncombe, Scotland and Hertford counties ranked in the Top 10 for number of procedures but have no matches.

In January, the Eugenics Compensation Task Force recommended a tax-free lump sum payment of $50,000 to living victims and those who were alive when initially verified by the foundation. Spokeswoman Jill Lucas says Perdue hasn't determined what amount she'll recommend in her budget.

From 1929 to 1974, more than 7,600 people in North Carolina were sterilized.


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  • randall0123a Mar 21, 2012

    Perdue asks for more school funds:

    Perfect example of poor decisions. Pay off eugenics families, which will not change the past. But, continue to send the budget deficit higher, and take away from education and all other public funding, projects, and infrastructure. I assume Bev thinks there are teachers out there that will work for free? Good riddance Bev. You can't leave office fast enough.

  • loprestw Mar 20, 2012

    Agree with heavenly!!! An old indian saying; "Shame on a man who has a family he can not feed"!

  • randall0123a Mar 20, 2012

    Heavenly, perfectly stated. I agree 100%. AMEN!

  • dontstopnow Mar 20, 2012

    randall0123a, actually what you describe is not freedom but a controlled environment by government intervention. When the indians were forced to leave their homeland, the government put them on reservations. That was a life that created the downfall of the indian tribes because until that time they were a proud people that took care of themselves.

    The welfare system in this country is much like an indian reservation. The government feeds you, clothes you, pays for your children in every way so you then become a slave (by choice) of the government and your children have no role models to help them learn to succeed. Such a shame when people think this is a proper way to live and raise children.

    IF the help is temporary to get a family through hard times, I am okay with that but living a life of total dependency on others to sustain your life is WRONG on every level.

  • randall0123a Mar 20, 2012

    Yes, if "Poor and Breeding" was a criteria for sterilization, that is a shame. If people with limited financial means want to have children without the financial means to properly support those children, then that is an interesting choice. They do of course have the option to self-support like the Quakers, and live simple, self-sustained lives. Or, to save and plan for children like responsible adults in this era. So then, what do we call it when someone has children (or continues to), while expecting (demanding) tax payers to pay for them? Now that is truly irresponsible. It is sad that while some work to contribute to society and the infrastructure of the state to support the citizens, others selfishly feed off of this. This is the entitled mentality, labeling this as their freedom. This of course reduces the freedom of those that are forced to pay.

  • randall0123a Mar 20, 2012

    If I recall, a signature of a family member or guardian was required for the sterilization to be approved. If this is the case, then send this payoff bill to the people that signed on that dotted line. Go after the family members and guardians and leave the over taxed taxpayers out of this. Why not finally take care of the teachers, law enforcement, firemen, etc, and put tax dollars into NC infrastructure, like it should be!!

  • randall0123a Mar 20, 2012

    Is this the same budget that doesn't have enough money to properly sustain schools, teachers, roads, infrastructure, and basically all the things that our tax money is meant to provide for? Well spent guilt or hush money there Bev! Maybe we can just increase taxes and place more tolls on our public roads.

  • dontstopnow Mar 19, 2012

    Another one of those situations where ancestors perpetrated an injustice and now WE have to pay for it. This is insane. My grandmother was Cherokee Indian and her entire nation was driven out of their land and homes by the government but I am not in the street and courthouse asking for money to "fix" what they did so long ago. What is wrong with people????

  • piene2 Mar 19, 2012

    I hope that all who are eligible for the compensation get it. They have been terribly abused. Money won't fix their lives but it is all there is.

  • avnvideo Mar 19, 2012

    and the biggest reason even people who supported purdue last election would not have voted for her this time? ding.ding,ding, we have a winner folks,another waste of taxpayer money