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First lady visits Raleigh, says she'll be spending a lot of time in NC

Posted March 2, 2012

— First lady Michelle Obama visited North Carolina Friday to meet with military families, school children and speak at various events to get support for her husband's presidential campaign.

As her plane taxied in at Raleigh-Durham International Airport, anticipation built for the military families waiting to meet her.

"It was really nerve wracking. I was like, 'Aaaahhhh,'" said Ivy Jones.

Military Spouse of the Year Bianca Strzalkowski got the first lady's arm and attention. She also got an invitation to Washington, D.C. to talk more.

"One-point-one million spouses have many needs, and there's a lot of work to be done after 10 years of war," Strzalkowski said. "So, meeting with credible people like her and DOD (Department of Defense) officials when I've been up there, it's a way to get our story in front of people."

Major Courtney Jones, a 17-year Army veteran, got Obama's autograph. He also had a little fun with the first lady.

"She and I set up a push-up and sit-up contest, because she's into working out and so am I. So, one day, hopefully, we'll get together and see who wins," Jones said.

Sgt. Andre Spell said he connected with Obama as a parent.

"It was awesome, (a) very awesome experience," he said. "She's very personal. She got very personal with my kids."

Obama later spoke at a Democratic fundraiser at the downtown Raleigh Marriott. TV cameras were not allowed. Before leaving for events in Charlotte, she told the crowd, "We're going to spend a lot of time in this state."

North Carolina is a crucial state in President Barack Obama's re-election strategy. Last week, Vice President Joe Biden visited Davidson County Community College.

Barack Obama will visit Charlotte next Wednesday, the White House said. He is expected to make a speech about the economy.


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  • cwood3 Mar 6, 2012

    AVID-she will not stay home and save the taxpayers. That is a low priority on the family list. Actually, anytime she can travel and use the taxpayer's money to campaign for their 2nd term, she'll do it. That's their elietist mentality!!

    ABO-2012 anybody but Obama!!

  • TeamHatteras Mar 6, 2012

    "...says she'll be spending a lot of time in NC"

    In other news, the futures on ribs and curly fries are inexplicably going through the roof.

  • barbstillkickin Mar 5, 2012


  • vraptor Mar 2, 2012

  • vraptor Mar 2, 2012

    GOV'T MOTORS halts production of CHEVY Volt...

  • avidreader Mar 2, 2012

    Please, no. Just stay home and save the taxpayers money!

  • vraptor Mar 2, 2012

    tell her to bring bho's college video's. oh wait. someone else has copies that are going to be released soon.

    what if bho cannot get on the ballot because of sherriff joe a??

    can she bring the g towne student? barry calls her personally (g towne student).

    don't know about these? search for them.


  • mep Mar 2, 2012

    Will she be here to tell us all how and what to eat? I thought the govt already hired more Federal employees to do that.

  • robbincasino Mar 2, 2012

    Oh Yippee.....

  • affirmativediversity Mar 2, 2012

    In the over 3 years Michelle Obama has been first lady she's visited Ft. Bragg 2 times...I don't believe she's ever been to Camp Lejuenne or Ft. Benning...
    Of course she had to go to Ft. Hood when all those people were gunned down...but I can't recall hearing of her going back...

    How about any of this county's other military bases...any one ever hear of her actually visiting the bases?

    Ever see her visiting the sick or wounded at Walter Reed Hospital...after all its only just across town from the White'd think she'd be able to pop in there from time to time?

    Bottom line...the absolutely LAST people Michelle Obama is concerned about is the personnel of military or their families!

    She's only here to fund raise...we can all move along now!