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Contempt hearing for ex-Edwards aide postponed

Posted January 30, 2012

— An Orange County judge has postponed a hearing into whether a former aide to two-time Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards should be held in contempt.

Superior Court Judge Michael Morgan said Monday that he needed to appoint a prosecutor to handle the criminal portion of the case, which grew out of a civil suit filed by Edwards' former mistress, Rielle Hunter.

Hunter has sued Andrew Young and his wife, seeking to recover personal items she said they took from a house she was renting in Chatham County in 2007. The items include a purported sex tape she recorded with Edwards during his 2008 presidential campaign.

The Youngs and their lawyers could face jail time for providing confidential documents from the case to federal officials prosecuting Edwards.

Transcripts of a deposition Edwards gave in the civil case and other sensitive documents were placed under seal in state court. But lawyers for the Youngs later admitted providing that sealed evidence to federal criminal investigators, saying they were complying with a secret federal subpoena.

Hardy Lewis, an attorney representing the Youngs and their attorneys, said the Youngs did nothing wrong. Instead, he said, they were simply following the advice of their attorneys, who had to make a difficult decision.

"We don't really look to our clients for guidance on how to deal with that. These lawyers in this case did not ask the Youngs how to respond to a federal court order. The Youngs had nothing to do with that," Lewis said.

Edwards has been charged with six felonies and misdemeanors in connection with the use of nearly $1 million from two wealthy donors to conceal his affair and child with Hunter. His trial had been set to begin Monday, but it has been delayed for at least two months because of his health.


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  • DontLikeTheSocialistObama Jan 31, 2012

    Put the tape on the internet and get it over with.

  • whatusay Jan 30, 2012

    No jail because he is a democrat.

  • timmy67 Jan 30, 2012


  • Rebelyell55 Jan 30, 2012

    This guy should been in jail a long time ago. See how bad our justice system is?

  • Doctor Dataclerk Jan 30, 2012

    The history of covering for corrupt Democrats in North Carolina is on Johnny's side. I say he'll never spend a night in jail for anything relating to campaign money. This will get drug out forever, because lawyers look out for lawyers. Have you ever seen a lawyer sue another lawyer....I didn't think so.

  • Doctor Dataclerk Jan 30, 2012

    Put the tape on a Red Box dvd. There are probably a couple of people who might pay a dollar to see it. Maybe not.

  • MadMaxx Jan 30, 2012

    Hell, just put the tape on Pay-per-view, the revenues could help pay for his jail time, and child support! I want to see a lame NC state judge trump a Federal indictment, hold the judge in contempt and put him in jail for obstruction of justice from the Federal investigation.

  • unc70 Jan 30, 2012

    Under current Copyright law (DMCA) works acquire copyright protection from the moment of creation without registration or notification requirements. When you take a picture with your cell phone, you immediately have copyright protection on that image. There is no concept of "abandonment" of copyright anymore, no assignment except in writing by the rightsholder.

    Registration of copyright increases penalties and fines.

    Go read about copyrights and the DMCA before making legal claims. There are a couple of subtle issues regarding in this case, but beyond anything that can be discussed in this forum.

  • Kelondris Jan 30, 2012

    I agree this whole fiasco has went on long enough. Though I think John Edwards was good for NC early on in his political career, but I think after working in DC for a while they tend to get dirty and corrupted. And unfortunately, he has hit rock bottom and has no one to pull him out but himself.

    At this point I agree with the majority, just destroy the tape!! and move on to whatever will get this over as quick as possible!!

  • wildcat Jan 30, 2012

    omg! just her give her tape!

    Absolutely not. The tape should be destroyed. Rily just want the tape so that she can sue whoever. No the tape should be destroyed. She should have thought of not making the sex tape before there was action on her and John Edwards part. Not smarting thinking at all. THE TAPE SHOULD BE DESTROYED.