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Feds faked beheading in murder-for-hire plot

Posted January 27, 2012

— The FBI faked the death of a man in order to make a suspect accused of paying a hit man to behead three witnesses in a North Carolina terrorism case believe that the gruesome crime had been carried out.

Shkumbin Sherifi, who was arrested last weekend after FBI agents tracked him to a meeting in Wilmington with a government informant posing as a representative of a hit man, is accused of paying the informant $4,250 in cash toward the first killing.

During Sherifi's first appearance in federal court Friday, it was revealed that the FBI faked the death of one of the witnesses by providing Sherifi doctored photos that showed the person in a shallow grave covered in blood as well as a faked picture of what appeared to be the witness' severed head.

Courtroom sketch of Hysen Sherifi Feds used fake death to trick terror suspects

Officials say the plot to execute the witnesses was masterminded by Sherifi's imprisoned older brother Hysen Sherifi. He was sentenced to 45 years earlier this month for his role in what prosecutors described as a conspiracy to attack the Marine base at Quantico, Va., and targets abroad.

Shkumbin Sherifi showed the picture to his brother in a jailhouse visit on Jan. 22 as confirmation that the hit took place, according to testimony given during Friday's hearing.

He was then arrested as he was leaving the jail with the photo in his possession.

Also arrested was Nevine Aly Elshiekh, a 46-year-old school teacher from Raleigh. Her first appearance is scheduled for Feb. 3.

Dozens of members of the Islamic community in the Triangle rode in a caravan to Wilmington to show support for Sherifi during the court hearing.


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  • nowon_yuno Jan 30, 2012

    The Feds faked it? The dirty infidels lied again!

    /good job!

  • seriouslyrevoked Jan 30, 2012

    WooHoo2 Comparing the KKK or some small Christian groups to the world wide Jihad is preposterous. Any objective thinking person would be concerned with all the mayhem that has been done world wide in the name of Jihad. There are about 1.5 billion Muslims in the world and only if a small percentage adhere to so called "radical Islam", we are talking about Hundreds of million people willing to kill for their cause. Remember the Kamikaze? That culture at that time was willing to send its own to the hereafter for smiting their enemy. You insult the followers committed to Jihad, they are a thousand year proud warrior group. Any research from the death of Van Gogh, Hirsi Ali, the Muslim Cartoon, the Fatwa, to the conversion out of Islam is illegal in at least fourteen countries, and is punishable by death in at least eight. That the word of a woman is 1/4 that of a mans, honour killings, etc etc

  • WooHoo2You Jan 27, 2012

    WooHoo2You, Lord have mercy you really sent a zinger out on that last post,call it a night there UWoo.-cantstandya

    That was worded rather poorly...

  • Mark Hayes Jan 27, 2012

    WooHoo2You, Lord have mercy you really sent a zinger out on that last post,call it a night there UWoo.

  • WooHoo2You Jan 27, 2012


    Very well said on your part. So why don't you go with them? Show your support.-OSX

    I don't believe someone should be expected to apologize for the actions of a person they have never met to prove to another person they have never met that they disagree with the first persons actions.

  • OSX Jan 27, 2012


    Very well said on your part. So why don't you go with them? Show your support.

  • Mark Hayes Jan 27, 2012

    WooHoo2You, If you hurry there still time to spew some of that nonsense you have been spouting about all day,I here them chanting at the mosque for your return,praise be to allah.

  • WooHoo2You Jan 27, 2012

    "Why don't Muslims rally to denounce murder? If Muslims don't like the American 'infidels' don't let the door hit ya where the good Lord split ya!"

    Well said!- timexliving

    Why don't you two go denounce the KKK in front of city hall or on TV? But thats different, right? I don't remember mass marches after any church bombings or lynchings denouncing anything...

    (BTW those things still happen and far more frequently than a nutjob muslim in the US)

  • WooHoo2You Jan 27, 2012

    The Islamic religion is so peaceful!-AirBorne Daddy

    So are all those militias with military grade weapons all over the US claiming to be Christians clashing with the ATF / FBI, right?

  • NoObamaCare Jan 27, 2012

    The Islamic religion is so peaceful!