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Feds: Triangle terrorist tried to have witnesses killed

Posted January 24, 2012
Updated January 25, 2012

— One of the men involved in a Johnston County terrorist cell that authorities said plotted attacks on a Marine base in Virginia and foreign targets tried to have witnesses in his trial last fall killed, according to federal records unsealed Monday.

Hysen Sherifi was found guilty after a month-long trial of conspiring to provide material support to terrorism and conspiring to carry out attacks overseas, two counts of firearms possession and conspiring to kill federal officers or employees. He was sentenced two weeks ago to 45 years in prison.

Federal authorities said Sherifi tried to hire someone to kill and behead at least three witnesses in the case, and he wanted pictures of the corpses to prove that they were dead. He also wanted a fellow inmate killed, believing the man tricked him out of some money, according to court documents.

Undercover agents say $5,000 traded hands on Jan. 8 to kill the first person, according to court documents.

Sherifi's brother, Shkumbin Sherifi, and a woman named Nevine Aly Elshiekh have been charged in the case. The relationship between Elshiekh and the Sherifis wasn't clear, but she visited Hysen Sherifi several times at the New Hanover County jail, where he is being held as a federal prisoner, court records state.

Elshiekh is on leave from the Sterling Montessori Academy and Charter School in Morrisville, school officials said Tuesday, noting that they were aware of the charges against her and are cooperating with authorities in the investigation. She has taught at the school for nine years and heads its special education program.

Triangle terror case graphic Murder-for-hire plot alleged in Triangle terror case

A woman named Nevine Elshiekh also is listed as an instructor at the Al-Furqan school, which is part of the Islamic Association of Raleigh. Calls and emails to the group weren't returned Tuesday.

Shkumbin Sherifi and Elshiekh are scheduled to have detention hearings at the federal courthouse in Wilmington on Friday.

Hysen Sherifi was among seven area men arrested in 2009 on charges that they plotted to attack targets overseas, raised money and gathered weapons to support terrorist activities and engaged in military-style training.

Sherifi and the accused ringleader, Daniel Patrick Boyd, also planned an attack on the Marine base in Quantico, Va.

Six of the men have been convicted, and the seventh is awaiting trial. An eighth suspect in the case is believed to be in Pakistan.


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  • original intent Jan 26, 2012

    The 1989 to 1992 phase of the Afghan Civil War began after the Soviet Union withdrew from Afghanistan, leaving the Afghan communist government to fend for itself against the Mujahideen. After several years of fighting, the government fell in 1992. However, the civil war continued with insurgents such as the Taliban attempting to bring down the new government

  • meiduo2003 Jan 25, 2012

    I knew Ms. Nevine very well. She was very nice, but she always looked sort of worried and grumpy while I saw her.

  • westernwake1 Jan 25, 2012

    "Original intent --- at first I agreed with much of what you have said but you act like you know everything and you offer speculation as fact in much of the same way that you criticize other for." - samr

    Seeing that the Soviets left Afghanistan on February 15, 1989 and the the CIA armed the North Alliance and not the Taliban. The entire post from original intent is not factually correct and does not make sense.

  • samr Jan 25, 2012

    warbirdlover is a man among men. Rock on dude.

  • samr Jan 25, 2012

    Original intent --- at first I agreed with much of what you have said but you act like you know everything and you offer speculation as fact in much of the same way that you criticize other for.

  • original intent Jan 25, 2012

    Daniel Boyd worked in construction before moving to Peshawar, Pakistan, in October 1989. He was sponsored by a Muslim relief group to help refugees from the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan by working as a mechanic.[2] He trained with the mujahideen and fought against the Soviet-backed forces in Afghanistan.[3] He took the Muslim name Saifullah ("Sword of God").

    SOOO if he was "trained with/by the Mujahdeen in the 1980's then he is a CIA trained operative!! Whether direct or "dotted-line"...

  • original intent Jan 25, 2012

    Can someone post some public health resources where these "defenders" can get the psychiatric help they so desperately need. are like the proverbial frog in the boiling water..every things fine...c'mon in!! No wonder PT Barnum made a fortune in Amerika!!

  • jenniegreen Jan 25, 2012

    And we're concerned that a few Marines urinated on the bodies of some Taliban members??? Seriously, time to get our priorities straight!
    Proud mom of 2 US Soldiers!

  • b4919675 Jan 25, 2012

    Don't act so smug when you clearly have no idea what any of this is about.

  • chattycat Jan 25, 2012

    @westernwake1 - LOL. I was thinking the same thing.