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Southeastern NC beaches to get post-Irene aid

Posted January 22, 2012

— Topsail Beach and Bald Head Island will get $8 million in funding to replenish tourism-generating beaches damaged by Hurricane Irene.

The StarNews of Wilmington reports ( ) that U.S. Rep. Mike McIntyre announced the Federal Emergency Management Agency funding on Friday.

Topsail Beach will get $6.3 million, with the rest going to Bald Head Island.

Three-quarters of the money will come from the federal government, with the state providing the remaining 25 percent.

McIntyre says communities along the shore suffered millions of dollars' worth of damage when Irene charged up the East Coast last August.

The goal of the funding is to restore the beaches to their pre-storm condition.

Monday is the deadline for people to file flood insurance claims for damage caused by Irene. The National Flood Insurance Program extended the deadline for policyholders in North Carolina and 14 other states after state officials voiced concerns about insurance coverage and filing deadlines.


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  • fayncmike Jan 23, 2012

    " love the outer banks and beaches all the way to Holden beach ... but my love only goes to the point just before government enters my pocketbook.
    are you kidding me"

    So you want the perks but none of the responsibility. Sounds like looking for an entitlement to me.

  • are you kidding me Jan 23, 2012

    waste of money ... probably washed away next year ... love the outer banks and beaches all the way to Holden beach ... but my love only goes to the point just before government enters my pocketbook.

  • fayncmike Jan 23, 2012

    The coastline, all of the coastline must be preserved. That's all there is to it.

  • dryjr Jan 23, 2012

    I can see Topsail,But Bald Head is private with restricted access public funds should not pay for them. But there a lot of big wigs that have houses there.

  • Lost and Loaded Jan 23, 2012

    Beach replenishment is not to benefit the tourist - but the local homeowners who live too close to what used to be a completely variable environment. Beachfront property owners, live too close to the sea - especially at Topsail.

    Those of us who do not live on the beach should not have to subsidize the property values of those who do, especially by replacing lost sand, which over time would naturally replenish itself.

    It's comparable to building a home on the slope of an active volcano and asking the public to pay for lava diversion, road repavement everytime there is an eruption.

  • IBleedRedandWhite Jan 23, 2012


    you missed the whole point of the story. This funding does not go towards rebuilding houses; it is going towards replenishing sand lost during the storm so that beaches can retain their pre-storm length and distance. Major hurricanes cause massive beach erosion and take millions of cubic yards of sand away from beaches.

    Look up Tybee Island beach renourishment project to see what the money goes towards. Usually the town or city has to raise half of the money before this process is even considered.

    NC has some of the best beaches on the east coast and generate millions if not billions of dollars of revenue for our state. A measley 8 million to ensure we have beaches for tourists to come to seems like a pretty good return on investment.

  • jbyrd Jan 23, 2012

    Oh, and if you get rid of the eyesores almost sitting in the water, provide some decent public access, WITH PARKING, you would get plenty of tourism, probably more, since THE PUBLIC would actually be able to enjoy the beach.

  • jbyrd Jan 23, 2012

    A total waste of taxpayer's money.
    If you are dumb enough to build on shifting sands then don't expect everyone else to pay for your ignorance.
    ALL the beaches at Topsail where homes do not exist at the dune lines are absoultely beautiful. If not for the artifical dunes pushed up to protect a house that should never have been built, they would all be beautiful. We need another direct hit like Fran to clean that garbage off of our beaches.

  • fayncmike Jan 23, 2012

    I hope they can get all the work done quickly. It's a shame that it's taken this long to get the money flowing.