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NC doles out $138M to towns for local road work

Posted October 11, 2011
Updated October 12, 2011

— Money from the state gas tax and other highway fees is being spread around to 500 North Carolina cities and towns for urban road work.

The state Transportation Department said Tuesday it's distributing $138 million for local roads. Half the money was sent out last week and the rest is coming in January.

The amount each municipality gets is based on a formula set by the General Assembly. Seventy-five percent of the funds are awarded based on population, while the remaining 25 percent is based on the number of street miles each municipality maintains.

Each community determines how to spend its money.

Charlotte received the highest amount at $18.6 million, followed by Raleigh at $9.8 million. Durham received $5.7 million. Twenty-one cities received at least $1 million for their transportation projects.


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  • randall0123a Oct 13, 2011

    Why is the government using our taxes to pay crews for road work? We pay how much, to how many people for financial aid? It makes no sense to tax the working people, and then use those taxes to give free assistance, and then pay additional money to achieve what taxes were actually MEANT to do, improve infrastructure. Easy fix - no more FREE assistance. If you need financial aid, then you can repay the generous taxpayers by becoming available for government-funded work, to EARN that money. Then our taxes would be helping people get on their feet while also improving our roads and communities. It's disgusting the number of people preying on the system and expecting free handouts. If this is the way things are heading, then I guess I will tell my current employer to just start sending my checks to my house, as I won't need to come into work anymore to earn my paycheck.

  • Nobody but Carolina Oct 13, 2011

    Thanks for the link, lwt.

  • lwt Oct 12, 2011

    @kcollier. If you want to know how much money your town received you can check out the NCDOT Powell Bill Site

    Towns receive funds based on the size of their roads system; therefore Charlotte, Raleigh and Durham get a lot of money because they have large road networks. Smaller towns get less because they do not have very many town maintained roads.

  • Chairman of the Bored Oct 12, 2011

    So Raleigh should be getting none of this right...because they just got 40M...or were the voters just suckered in...-grimreaper

    Maybe you should re-read the story, Raleigh is receiving $9.8m

  • IdoNOTliveinDurham Oct 12, 2011

    WRAL who can we contact within those Cities and Towns to be consider to receive some of that work.

  • kcollier39 Oct 12, 2011

    wonder if the little town i live in will get some for road repair,guess not looks like charlotte,raleigh and durham got it all which that is nothing new,they must be the only ones who pay gas tax.dont understand why it couldnt be giving out evenly,must be who you are.

  • grimreaper Oct 12, 2011

    So Raleigh should be getting none of this right...because they just got 40M...or were the voters just suckered in...

  • pinball wizard Oct 12, 2011

    In our town, they are building sidewalks to nowhere. What a waste.