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State will seek more aid for Irene cleanup

Posted October 6, 2011

— Gov. Bev Perdue's point man on Hurricane Irene recovery in North Carolina says the administration will soon formally ask the state legislature for additional money for the cleanup.

Former Congressman Bob Etheridge said Thursday his office will have a better idea of the dollar amount needed once they get more detailed figures about emergency assistance at the end of this month. The General Assembly is scheduled to meet Nov. 7. Etheridge says he plans to have a request ready then for additional state money to cover needs FEMA won't meet.  

The Division of Emergency Management says North Carolina is already on the hook for about $29 million for the state's share of financial assistance for individuals, businesses and local governments. The governor has the power to appropriate the match money.

But any additional funds will have to be approved by state lawmakers. They could tap into a reserve fund designed for emergencies that currently has nearly $300 million.

State Insurance Commissioner Wayne Goodwin was touring hurricane-hit areas Thursday and Friday to open assistance centers for those who have not been satisfied with the service they are getting from their insurers.

“I have been in direct contact with insurance companies and the National Flood Insurance Program to put pressure on them to do what’s right for policyholders,” Goodwin said Thursday.

At three locations, people with insurance questions or complaints can meet with representatives from the Department of Insurance and the National Flood Insurance Program in person.

Assistance centers are open Monday and Tuesday in New Bern at the regional office of the Department of Insurance, 1316 Unit A, Commerce Drive, Tuesday in Manteo at the Dare County offices at 954 Marshall Collins Drive and Wednesday on Hatteras Island at a location still to be determined.

The DOI is also taking questions by phone at 800-546-5664 or 919-807-6750.

“If you have a question or complaint about your claim, we need to hear from you,” Goodwin said. “The more specific information we have from you, the more we may be able to help.”


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  • towmanmwm Oct 6, 2011

    Hurricane Irene came to North Carolina on Aug.27.2011 Why as it taken so long for the North Carolina Insurance Commissioner to Help the people of Outer Banks and New Bern and Manteo Why Where's is Obama at or FEMA at for the people down there. Remember Good People of NC We have to pay a surcharge on Our Insurance now and we have no beachfront property. Thank you Mr.Commissioner for your Help. Higher Insurance is Coming for All.

  • Nunya123 Oct 6, 2011

    cwood3 - please be accurate also. FEMA's DRF budget this year was $1.95 billion (an increase of $350 million from last year, so when did the Dems take all the money from it???). It was depleted due to an unexpectedly high number of natural disasters (flooding in the northeast, tornadoes in the midwest, hurricane Irene along the Atlantic coast) not due to any movement of funds from the DRF to some special interest legislature. Nice try though.

  • Nunya123 Oct 6, 2011

    cvhomes - you are aware that Joplin received $55 million in FEMA funds as of September along with FEMA allocating another $154 million to federal agencies to assist with Joplin. Guess that doesn't count. Around $28K in assistance for each of the 7200 homes damaged in Joplin is "helping themselves"? Nothing against those in Joplin, but at least post accurate information if you wish to use it as an example.

  • chargernut69 Oct 6, 2011

    Yep, gotta put the sand back ! Open your wallet everyone.... Bev needs to keep the coast people happy.

  • too-obvious Oct 6, 2011

    ol bob, he'll take the money and help someone!!!

  • superman Oct 6, 2011

    Most insurances companies do an excellent job of paying-- that is if you have paid for insurance. They are slow to pay if you didnt pay for insurance. Couple years ago I had a tree to fall on my house during a storm. They were here within a couple days and wrote me a check. They were fair with the settlement. Some people just expect too much help. I think perhaps some of these people just were not covered under their insurance policy if they were damaged or hurt by flood.

  • cvhomes Oct 6, 2011

    Doesn't anyone understand the nation is broke? Why not follow Joplin, Missouri's lead and just do it yourself? Why is there always a kneejerk approach to run to the taxpayer? There are a lot of ways to raise money via the entertainment industry, fairs, bakesales, food festivals, sports activities, and on and on it goes. I'll be glad to see this governor out of office!

  • bobberpopper Oct 6, 2011


  • cwood3 Oct 6, 2011

    That emergency fund had over a billion dollars several years ago-but Dems had to spend that instead of saving for a bad hair day!!

    Oh well-many of those spenders have gotten retired by the voters!!

  • TooMuchDrama Oct 6, 2011

    Wow, already looking to spend that extra revenue collected per yesterday's news.......